The PWA Show: The Road to WrestleMania


In this week’s show Chad & Keila once again examine the world of pro wrestling. They have a lively discussion about this past Monday’s RAW and the affect it will have on WrestleMania 31. How do they feel about Jon Stewart’s involvement? Does a loss this past Monday night help Roman Reigns? ¬†Why does WWE rely on the same lazy distraction finishes week after week? What’s the latest dirt on the WWE Divas? Halfpint also checks in with his “Halfpint’s Point” segment as he examines The Undertaker and his involvement in WrestleMania. Hear thoughts on all those topics plus: the futures of former world champions, Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio; the merits of inter-gender matches in pro wrestling; an ROH 13th Anniversary PPV re-cap; and an exclusive interview with former NWA Television Champion and NWA Australian Heavyweight Champion, Jeremiah Plunkett, as he climbs aboard “The PWA Hotseat”. Chad also has some exciting news about next week’s episode! Don’t miss all this and more on this week’s edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority.

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