The PWA Show: Lost In Translation….

slamfest crowd

Chad & Keila return this week to cover all the major news stories from the pro wrestling world. What were their thoughts on RAW this past week? Why does Chad believe WWE is on the right track creatively? What does Keila have to say about the abrupt retirement of AJ Lee? How do they feel about the announcement that WWE plans to move Smackdown to the USA Network starting next year? The dynamic duo also discuss news from TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, New Japan, and Global Force Wrestling. New champions are crowned, contacts aren’t renewed, and talents are making moves. They also try to find a fitting punishment for their roving reporter, Halfpint, as he dropped the ball and was unable to secure any interviews or live coverage from his trip to Sparta, TN for Slam Pro Wrestling’s Slamfest 2015 event last weekend. Will he be subjected to scrubbing toilets? Will he be forced to endure the lethal “Chop Challenge” from fellow PWA Team member, Stephanie York? Worse still, will he be forced to worship at the altar of……Vince Russo? Keila really shows that she has a mean streak in designing his punishment. Don’t miss this fun filled edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

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