The PWA Show: Best of 2015 – Volume 1


This week our regularly scheduled program is on hiatus. Team PWA has grown by one as PWA Show Co-host, Chad Flatt, welcomed the birth of his first child this week. We are happy to report that both baby and mom are doing fantastic. Chad however is in big trouble as the tiny tot already has his heart tapping out. Executive Producer, Halfpint, steps in this week to lead listeners down memory lane and takes a look at some of the most entertaining segments and poignant interviews from the first 6 months worth of shows in 2015. If you happen to have missed some of this podcast gold, remember you can find any and all past episodes of this show on our website! Relive some of your favorite moments and catch a taste of something you might have missed. This week we’re feeling all sentimental here on The PWA Show…..YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: Beware of the Moose…..


Chad & Keila are in the mood to celebrate this week as they turn 20! Episode 20 is filled with news, views, and laughs as Chad unveils the first ever PWA Show Top 10 List as a tribute to the recently retired David Letterman. Keila also gives her honest thoughts on Josh Matthews and his ability to always put his loafer in his mouth via social media. The duo also get serious and examine the news surrounding the TNA/Destination America relationship as well as the surprising news that Ring of Honor will now be joining the Destination America family as well. They also discuss last week’s NXT special on the WWE Network, this past Monday’s RAW from long Island, and the upcoming Elimination Chamber special. One of the hottest stars in all of pro wrestling, Quinn “Moose” Ojinnaka joins the show for an exclusive interview on “The PWA Hotseat”. Moose talks about his 8 year NFL career and how a life on the gridiron prepared him for the squared circle, his successful first year in ROH, his upcoming shows for GFW, his excitement over the opportunities that lie ahead with ROH’s new TV deal, and his future career goals. Don’t miss this look inside a man that is taking the pro wrestling world by storm! We invite you to kick back and enjoy this fun-filled edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!