Glam Slam: Heidi Lovelace


Hi guys! Welcome back The Glam Slam! Each week I will spotlight the best of the best in the world of independent professional wrestling. Independent wrestling is the lifeblood of the industry. It’s the one remaining place where everything feels “pure”. It is where the dream still lives and the passion and love of the craft fuel each and every competitor. Simply put, it’s the best thing about professional wrestling and my personal favorite part. I hope you share the same feelings as I do and I hope you enjoy this column each week. This week we will take a look at another one of my favorite female pro wrestlers today, Heidi Lovelace!

The PWA Show: From Bakewell to Tokyo…..


Chad and Keila return for Episode 17 this week filled with venom! The duo examines all the pro wrestling related news of the past 7 days including: Global Force Wrestling’s initial roster reveal and why the most important press conference in the young company’s history wasn’t streamed live, thoughts on this past Monday’s RAW, injuries to two top NXT talents, tons of other odd news tidbits from WWE, continuing challenges in the relationship between Destination America and TNA wrestling, plus Keila gives her very candid thoughts on ESPN broadcaster Michelle Beadle publicly turning in her WWE Fan Card in protest of Triple H’s support of boxer Floyd Mayweather. “The PWA Hotseat” is occupied this week by one of the hottest stars in the National Wrestling Alliance, NWA National & North American Heavyweight Champion, “Godzilla” Jax Dane. Jax takes listeners on a journey throughout his career from his humble beginnings in the rural Tennessee farm town of Bakewell, to his early tag team success with current ROH superstar Raymond Rowe, his partnership with “Ironman” Rob Conway, what its like touring Japan, making history recently by unifying two of the NWA’s most prestigious titles, and his future goal of becoming the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. This interview is a great look at one of the fastest rising stars in the sport of professional wrestling. So sit back and enjoy this edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!