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The PWA Show: Survivor Series Shakeup…..


Episode 42 of The PWA Show is chocked full of news! Chad & Keila recap WWE RAW from Denver as things continue to take shape for the upcoming Survivor Series PPV. They also discuss a couple of legends that returned to the WWE family this week, an upcoming ESPN documentary on “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, another accolade for Nikki Bella, one of the top stars from season 1 of Lucha Underground that won’t be returning, GFW crowning their first set of champions at a recent TV taping, and reports of a new wrestling promotion based out of Las Vegas that will be offering full benefits to its contracted talent. The PWA Mailbag segment returns as questions from listeners are answered concerning memorable moments from the Attitude Era, storylines with huge potential that didn’t live up to the hype, and favorite types of matches enjoyed by your co-hosting duo. Chad also gives the lowdown on a big event taking place in Nashville this weekend that both he and “Halfpint” will be attending featuring WWE Hall of Famer, Mick Foley, Mickie James, “Cowboy” James Storm, and many more stars. Chad also makes a few announcements concerning the future of the show and some added content that will be coming down the pike. We hope you enjoy another fun and informative edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: Some Like It Hot…..


Episode 41 of The PWA Show has arrived! Hear Chad & Keila recap last weekend’s WWE Hell in a Cell PPV event and the following night’s RAW. How did they feel about the shocking return of Alberto Del Rio? Which talents stand to benefit the most from the absence of John Cena and Randy Orton? Did Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker go too far in a PG Era? Which top WWE star has suffered another injury setback? What pro wrestling icon recently saw a popular tourist stop bearing his name be closed for good? Which popular independent tag team signed an exclusive contract with a national promotion? All these questions and more are answered this week. Chad also discusses his experience last weekend at the third annual Superstars of Wrestling Fanfest in Rome, GA hanging with WWE Hall of Famers Scott Hall, “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff, Ron Simmons, and other greats of the squared circle. Our roving reporter, “Halfpint”, was in Jackson, TN last weekend for USA Championship Wrestling’s All-Star Tribute to legendary Memphis wrestling announcer, Lance Russell. Chad talks about the main event of that card featuring Terry Funk -vs- Jerry “The King” Lawler. For one night, the clocks were turned back and time stood still. A hot crowd in west Tennessee was reminded of why they love pro wrestling and just who exactly is “The King”. There’s something old and something new and plenty of things just for you on this week’s edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority.

Lordy Lordy Look Who’s 40…..


Episode 40 of our show comes to you this week with Chad & Keila on top of their collective games! There are some big announcements concerning the show joining forces with a podcast network that will bring The PWA Show to an even wider audience. Our “young boy” AKA Big K The Intern lands a sweet new gig that may be the beginning of a career in pro wrestling. All things WWE are on the agenda this week as Raw is recapped in depth along with other news items leading into our big Hell In A Cell preview. Chad & Keila give their thoughts and predictions on the latest pay per view extravaganza taking place this weekend. The dynamic duo also discuss some TNA news, the Wrestle Kingdom 10 main event set for January 2016 in Tokyo, new NWA World Tag Team Champions being crowned, and some independent wrestling events taking place this weekend around the southeastern United States. As always this episode brings you plenty of news, views, laughs, and thought provoking discussion. Just because we are now officially middle aged, don’t expect us to slow down one bit! Avoid a mid-life crisis with this edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The Mental Ward: Welcome to the Boys Club…..


I first discovered pro wrestling in the mid-1980s. “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes doing battle with “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton inside a steel cage is one of my earliest wrestling memories. However, when I saw “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Sting go 60 minutes at the first Clash of the Champions, I was hooked for life. THAT was storytelling. THAT was drama. THAT was pro wrestling. In my youth Hulkamania ran wild. In my high school and college years, The Attitude Era redefined the industry. In my adult years, things just haven’t been the same. A spark is missing. The sport I loved has morphed into something almost unrecognizable at times. Yet, I still watch. I cling to hope that pro wrestling will one day again return to past glory. Webster defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Ladies and gentlemen, come on in. We’re all friends here. Welcome back to, “The Mental Ward.”

The PWA Show: Bellabrating and Contemplating…..


Episode 35 comes to you this week with a Bellabration in progress! Chad & Keila discuss Nikki Bella becoming the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion in history. The duo also look at the very lackluster go home edition of Monday Night Raw that was supposed to whet our appetites for this weekend’s Night of Champions Pay Per View. How did WWE do in making us want to watch their big event Sunday? Jeff Jarrett’s deal with TNA is also examined as it becomes clear why Double J recently again entered into a working agreement with the struggling brand that he helped establish over a decade ago. The focus quickly turns again to talk of the upcoming Night of Champions. The PWA Drinking Game returns as Chad & Keila both give their thoughts, analysis, and predictions for the big event. Who do they believe will walk out of Houston wearing gold? Who will Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns recruit to help them battle the Wyatt Family? Will Nikki Bella’s diva dominance continue? All this and much more is contemplated during this festive edition of our show. So pour a glass of bubbly, put on your party hats, and let’s Bellabrate this week on The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

Kashin In: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the FedEx Forum Edition (9-14-2015)


Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of Ka$hin In with Keila Ca$h. Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw emanated from the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s the season premiere of Raw. It’s a new season for new feuds, storylines, and compelling matchups. Insert sarcasm. Normally, WWE takes this time to pack their bags to say they have Gone Fishing until January. The company tends to wave the white flag as they surrender to ESPN’s Monday Night Football. It’s three months filled with boredom and laziness from the creative team for the most part. They might be inspired to conjure up something exciting for a week or two, but the hype won’t be sustained for long. Will things be different this year? That is a loaded question that will be answered in due time.

Kashin In: The Cheers to The Hot Rod Edition (8-3-2015)


Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of Ka$hin In with Keila Ca$h. Tonight’s episode of Raw emanated from The SAP Center in San Jose, California. Summerslam is a little under three weeks away and WWE is firing on all cylinders when it comes to their marquee matches featuring Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker and John Cena vs. Seth Rollins with the latter match being tentative due to Cena’s broken nose. The company is trying their best to market Summerslam on par with WrestleMania and I think that’s a very smart strategy because it gives fans a reason to look forward to the PPV if WWE is actually putting in the time and effort to make it feel like a must-see event.

The PWA Show: Babies, Bellas, & Brock’s Bogus Beatdown…..


This week Chad and Keila return for Episode 24 after a week off with Chad adjusting to fatherhood and having a newborn daughter in his life. They have plenty to say about everything that’s making headlines in the pro wrestling world. The duo discuss the fallout from the recent WWE Money in the Bank PPV, highlights and lowlights from this past Monday’s RAW, rumors of two top WWE stars that are possibly leaving the company, a new ROH World Champion being crowned, Jeff Jarrett appearing on TNA Impact Wrestling and what that could mean for the future of Global Force Wrestling, as well as a few TNA talent departures. Keila also shares her weekly words of wisdom with some sage advice for the WWE’s Divas division while Chad takes a few moments to remember  the late great “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel to close out the show. This is a short, sweet, and fun filled edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: Absolutely Fantastic…..

Bobby Fulton

Episode 16 is the biggest and quite possibly best episode of The PWA Show yet! Chad and Keila cover all the news from the past week in pro wrestling including: the fallout from WWE Extreme Rules and RAW, big changes to the creative team in TNA, the legacy of the late Verne Gagne, the upcoming ROH and New Japan joint shows, and the rise of Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. This week one half of the legendary Fantastics, Bobby Fulton, is the guest on “The PWA Hotseat”. He discusses his career, family, and faith. Bobby pulls no punches as he discusses his early days in the sport of pro wrestling, teaming with Eric Embry and Terry Taylor before finally being paired with Tommy Rogers in Mid-South Wrestling, memorable battles against the bloodthirsty Sheepherders and The Midnight Express, the state of the pro wrestling industry today, plus very candid thoughts on Vince McMahon and why he feels ripped off by the WWE Chairman. Trust us, you DO NOT want to miss this episode of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: Back In The Saddle….

macho man mike

Episode 10 of The PWA Show comes at you this week as everything again returns to normal. Chad & Keila are reunited and they waste no time getting into a great discussion about all the major feuds in WWE headed into WrestleMania 31. They also re-examine the Bill DeMott situation and the fallout that continues from the allegations against him and his resignation. The PWA Hotseat is occupied this week by “Mr. Everybody Knows” Shawn Shultz. He talks about how he got his start in pro wrestling, including a memorable visit to Deep South Wrestling when Bill DeMott was the head trainer there. He also talks about his future career goals and explains what its like to perform in front of a huge WWE crowd. With the announcement of Larry Zbyszko being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, Halfpint chimes in this week with his “Halfpint’s Point” segment as he looks at memorable wrestling cards held in Shea Stadium including the legendary Zbyszko -vs- Sammartino cage match. Chad also gives a re-cap of Team PWA’s visit last weekend to the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention including thoughts from many disgruntled fans that were upset about the autograph prices for Sgt. Slaughter and the unethical practices of his manager. Chad & Keila also have a light hearted discussion as they debate which current WWE Diva might be the best candidate to pose for Playboy should the WWE ever go back to a more adult oriented product. Don’t miss this fun-filled, action packed edition of The PWA Show…..YOUR pro wrestling authority.