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The PWA Show: Change Is Good…..


Change is the central theme of Episode 47 as Chad & Keila come together for the final time to host The PWA Show. They examine in depth the changes at the top of WWE with Roman Reigns being crowned as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. What does this shift in the creative direction of the company mean for the future? What challengers will step up to face the new champ? What does this mean for the other major players in the WWE main event picture? Changes to WWE Smackdown are also discussed as a new voice for the brand is hired just in time for the big move to the USA Network. Changes at TNA are also on the horizon as the company is on the verge of also crowning a new World Champion to coincide with their move to PopTV. The changes to the Lucha Underground roster for season 2 are also debated as the exciting product readies for a late January return to the El Rey Network. Your hosting duo also goes out with a bang spending a disturbing amount of time analyzing the nominees for next week’s WWE Slammy Awards and all the silliness that usually surrounds that event. As 2015 draws to a close a new chapter will be written concerning the future of this show. We hope that you have enjoyed what we have offered this year on The PWA Show. The record number of website visits and social media interactions  don’t lie. We appreciate your support! So one last time in 2015, sit back and enjoy some great pro wrestling discussion on The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: Choosing Sides…..


Episode 46 finds Chad & Keila examining the confusing state of WWE storylines leading into this Sunday’s TLC PPV. Why are The Wyatt Family, a heel faction, picking a fight with The League of Nations, another heel stable? Why is the babyface WWE Divas Champion, Charlotte, suddenly displaying heelish tactics in her feud against Paige who had made this rivalry very personal with some of her previous comments? Why do The New Day continue to be playful, lovable, entertaining babyfaces even though they are heels? Pick a side people! It’s no wonder ratings for RAW are the lowest since the mid-90s era of cartoonish gimmicks which saw clowns, plumbers, and garbage men compete inside a WWE ring. The PWA Mailbag is once again opened and some listener mail is read. These questions cover several interesting topics including forgotten and under appreciated factions, which wrestling personality would make a great podcast host, and what old school booking tools have been eliminated from the arsenal of today’s wrestling presentations. Chad and Keila also make a huge announcement about an exciting opportunity coming their way very soon. Don’t miss this thrill packed edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority.

The PWA Show: Old School Is Cool…..


Chad & Keila come to you with this week with the final episode of their 30s focusing heavily on the current state of the WWE. The duo discuss the recent NXT special and the future stars working on that brand. They also cover in great detail this past week’s RAW. John Cena turns in another solid performance defending the United States Title in front of a Chicago crowd that’s more worried about chanting something snarky than actually enjoying the show. Chad approves of the way Braun Strownman has been presented thus far while Keila gets a little upset at the Chi-town crowd for their chants toward Bray Wyatt. The continued misuse of WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins, is a topic yet again this week as he suffered another non-title loss on Monday. WWE’s search for their next big Latino star is also examined. Are they only looking to appeal to the large Hispanic population in response to the lowest TV ratings in almost 20 years? The lackluster build to what should be an important PPV in Hell In A Cell also leaves them scratching their proverbial heads. WWE has loaded up the go home edition of RAW next week so all hope is not quite lost just yet. The PWA Mailbag returns as listener questions are answered. Topics include the debacle that has become the Lana/Rusev/Summer Rae/Dolph Ziggler storyline with Lana announcing via Instagram that her and Rusev are officially engaged. Talk then turns to proper use of social media with Chad praising Kevin Owens for his use of Twitter to further his on screen persona rather than joining his modern counterparts and dancing on the grave of kayfabe. Which legend doesn’t get enough credit as one of the all-time greats? Apparently royalty doesn’t ensure immortality in the world of professional wrestling. Old school territories are also covered as Chad fields a question concerning which regional promotions were the most financially successful back in the day. The 29 year anniversary of the near fatal car crash that ended the career of Magnum TA is also discussed as it relates to a great article found at thepwashow.com this week. It’s a little bit of something old with a helping of something new this week on Episode 39 of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: Picture Takin’ and Match Makin’…..

Mike kalasnik

Chad and Keila return to guide you through another week of news and stories from around the pro wrestling landscape. This week the dynamic duo cover WWE Battleground, this past Monday’s episode of RAW, the future of Kevin Owens, the current reconstruction of the WWE Divas division, a podcast beef between two legendary WWE Hall of Famers, TNA’s continued financial woes, Ring of Honor’s legal action against Global Force Wrestling, and much more! The week on “The PWA Hotseat”, sponsor of the show, Mike Kalasnik, joins Chad to discuss how he got involved in pro wrestling as a ringside photographer and how that led him to become a booker for a successful and growing independent wrestling organization. It’s an interesting look behind the curtain at an element of the industry very few fans ever get to experience. Sit back and enjoy Episode 27 of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: Red, White, and Blue Edition…


Episode 25 comes to you on July 4th! As America celebrates her 239th birthday, Chad and Keila are back talking pro wrestling. The duo covers a variety of topics this week including another lackluster edition of WWE Monday Night RAW, the disappointment that has been WWE Tough Enough thus far, a WWE Hall of Famer looking to work with NXT talents, the revolving door of former World Champions leaving and returning to TNA, what a potential working relationship between TNA and GFW might mean, and much more! Chad also reads another listener e-mail and reveals a huge money making opportunity in the latest edition of “The PWA Mailbag”. Continuing with the patriotic theme this week, “The Patriot” Del Wilkes joins the show on “The PWA Hotseat. Del speaks very candidly and in great detail about his career in both football and pro wrestling as well as his life outside the ring. He talks about growing up as a huge fan of pro wrestling in South Carolina before becoming an All-American offensive lineman for the Gamecocks and blocking for Heisman Trophy winner, George Rogers. He discusses all the stops he made along the way in his wrestling career including Memphis, the AWA, GWF, WCW, the WWF, and several very successful stints in Japan working for Giant Baba’s All Japan Pro Wrestling. Del also talks about his battle with drugs and prescription painkillers and how that addiction landed him in prison. His story is one of redemption and the inspirational tale is the subject of a fantastic upcoming documentary that you can learn more about here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1244526869/del-the-patriot-wilkes-the-man-behind-the-mask. Don’t miss this awesome episode of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: Babies, Bellas, & Brock’s Bogus Beatdown…..


This week Chad and Keila return for Episode 24 after a week off with Chad adjusting to fatherhood and having a newborn daughter in his life. They have plenty to say about everything that’s making headlines in the pro wrestling world. The duo discuss the fallout from the recent WWE Money in the Bank PPV, highlights and lowlights from this past Monday’s RAW, rumors of two top WWE stars that are possibly leaving the company, a new ROH World Champion being crowned, Jeff Jarrett appearing on TNA Impact Wrestling and what that could mean for the future of Global Force Wrestling, as well as a few TNA talent departures. Keila also shares her weekly words of wisdom with some sage advice for the WWE’s Divas division while Chad takes a few moments to remember  the late great “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel to close out the show. This is a short, sweet, and fun filled edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: Barely Legal…..


The celebration continues this week as Chad & Keila turn 21 together! This episode has it all! Find out what wrestling angle has Keila overcome with uncontrollable laughter. The duo also discuss last Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber, this past Monday’s RAW, the latest edition of the “Stone Cold Podcast” with guest Paul Heyman, a few notes from WWE Smackdown, the incredible momentum ROH has built, the continuing struggles of TNA, and news pertaining to upcoming GFW shows. “The Gimmick Table” segment returns this week with special guest, Chris DePetrillo, the Chief Marketing Officer of Figures Toy Company, as he discusses the upcoming action figure lines his company is producing for ROH, indy wrestling stars, and legends of wrestling. Collectors will love what he has to say! Former WWE developmental talent and Memphis native, Dustin Starr, joins the show to occupy “The PWA Hotseat” this week. Dustin discusses his love of Memphis wrestling growing up, breaking into pro wrestling, working in Florida Championship Wrestling before it became NXT, being a 2-Time NPC Men’s Physique Champion in his home state, ruling the ring as “The Power Couple” with his beautiful fiancee Maria Garay, his upcoming appearances for Global Force Wrestling, and his involvement in the movement to save the historic Mid-South Coliseum and perhaps construct a Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame within that venue. This interview is a great look at one of the top independent wrestling talents in the sport today! To close show, the late great Tommy Rogers of The Fantastics is discussed and Chad talks about a couple of fundraising efforts underway to help his family with funeral expenses. We hope everyone enjoys Episode 21 of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority.

The PWA Show: Making Headlines…..


Episode 18 has arrived! Chad & Keila cover all the news from the professional wrestling universe including: thoughts from WWE RAW, a big Payback Pay-Per-View preview, huge Elimination Chamber news, more WWE injury news, TNA woes, ROH and NJPW commanding the eyes of the wrestling world this week, and the continued development of Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. This week on “The PWA Hotseat” Chad is joined by “The Headliner” Chris Michaels. He takes listeners through his twenty plus year career from his beginnings in Franklin, KY to his days in OVW and TNA. Chris also talks about staying busy at this stage of his career and how much he enjoys working in Puerto Rico. You don’t want to miss this exclusive interview with one of the best professional wrestlers out there today. You’ll get all this and much more this week on The PWA show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

Glam Slam: NXT (4-22-15) & WWE Smackdown (4-23-15)


Hi guys! Welcome to this week’s edition of The Glam Slam! Time to once again cover all the action from NXT and WWE Smackdown. Let’s get to it!

NXT (4/22/15)

Finn Balor defeated Tye Dillinger. Balor winning this match didn’t do anything for Balor. It didn’t progress a storyline or prove a point. Dillinger, to put it bluntly, is a jobber. The crowd at one point was chanting “still a jobber”. It’s sad but at this point in his career it’s the brutal truth. This was just an excuse to get one of NXT’s most popular stars on the show.

Glam Slam: NXT (4-8-15) & WWE Smackdown (4-9-15)


Hi guys! Welcome back to this week’s edition of The Glam Slam! NXT aired a pre-recorded show from several weeks back and Smackdown was, well…..Smackdown so let’s take a look!

NXT (Air Date: 4/8/15)

This episode of NXT was recorded at WrestleMania Axxess and featured a tournament to determine which superstar would be rewarded with a spot in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 31. Hideo Itami, Tyler Breeze, Finn Balor and Adrian Neville battled it out to see who would get that spot so let’s take a look back and see how it all came about!