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The Mental Ward: Finishing Touches…..


I first discovered pro wrestling in the mid-1980s. “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes doing battle with “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton inside a steel cage is one of my earliest wrestling memories. However, when I saw “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Sting go 60 minutes at the first Clash of the Champions, I was hooked for life. THAT was storytelling. THAT was drama. THAT was pro wrestling. In my youth Hulkamania ran wild. In my high school and college years, The Attitude Era redefined the industry. In my adult years, things just haven’t been the same. A spark is missing. The sport I loved has morphed into something almost unrecognizable at times. Yet, I still watch. I cling to hope that pro wrestling will one day again return to past glory. Webster defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Ladies and gentlemen, come on in. We’re all friends here. Welcome back to, “The Mental Ward.”

The PWA Show: Full Metal Mayhem…..


Episode 28 comes your way with tons of news and thoughts by Chad & Keila. The duo examine the controversial comments made by the legendary Hulk Hogan and the lasting effect those statements may have on his legacy. WWE RAW is also discussed at length including a series of first time matchups that anchored the most recent broadcast as well as another solid performance from John Cena, this time with a shattered nose upon his face. They also address some rumors swirling around including:the future of Sting in WWE, a potential character change for Adam Rose, and a possible new member joining the Wyatt Family. More talk about the future of TNA comes up as well as the fallout from the initial set of TV tapings from Global Force Wrestling. This week on “The PWA Hotseat”, Chad is joined by one half of the Southern Tag Team Champions, Hammerjack. The veteran brawler takes fans on a journey throughout his career from his early years growing up in a tough Baltimore neighborhood through his move to Nashville and entry into the sport of professional wrestling. He also talks at length about how his storming the ring as a fan from the crowd led to him getting noticed and thus launched his career. Not many can claim that their very first match was a no ropes barbed wire match, but Hammerjack can! His passion for the promotion side of pro wrestling is clearly evident as he discusses the successes and failures of Crossfire Wrestling, the rise of his new promotion Slam-Pro Wrestling, and the reasons why many promoters today fail. It’s a very interesting look into the man behind the mayhem. Don’t miss this episode of The PWA Show….YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: Making Headlines…..


Episode 18 has arrived! Chad & Keila cover all the news from the professional wrestling universe including: thoughts from WWE RAW, a big Payback Pay-Per-View preview, huge Elimination Chamber news, more WWE injury news, TNA woes, ROH and NJPW commanding the eyes of the wrestling world this week, and the continued development of Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. This week on “The PWA Hotseat” Chad is joined by “The Headliner” Chris Michaels. He takes listeners through his twenty plus year career from his beginnings in Franklin, KY to his days in OVW and TNA. Chris also talks about staying busy at this stage of his career and how much he enjoys working in Puerto Rico. You don’t want to miss this exclusive interview with one of the best professional wrestlers out there today. You’ll get all this and much more this week on The PWA show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!