The PWA Show: Save Us Kevin Owens…..


Episode 44 comes at you this week with Chad & Keila talking in depth about recent events in the world of pro wrestling. They discuss this past week’s go home edition of WWE Monday Night RAW leading up to this Sunday’s Survivor Series where a brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion will be crowned. How do they feel about the “Final 4” in the tournament? What are their thoughts on the controversial comments made by Paige directed at WWE Divas Champion, Charlotte? The duo also examine how Tyler Breeze has been presented since his main roster debut and they debate the idea that NXT may not be as mainstream as WWE would like us to believe. Kevin Owens mastery of Twitter is celebrated as Chad reads some of his better Tweets directed at fans recently and also recaps the Twitter war that erupted Monday night between Owens and actress, Melissa Joan Hart. Is this how heels should use social media? Keila offers up advice to WWE on how to more effectively use second and third generation stars without making them carbon copies of their famous fathers. Chad gives old school fans something to digest this week as he looks at the career of Japanese legend, Tenryu, who retired this week; pays his respects to former 4-Time AWA World Champion, Nick Bockwinkel, who passed away over the weekend; and he takes us back 30 years to the formation of the legendary Four Horsemen. Keila also brings up a great point about Kurt Angle and his career in WWE -vs- TNA. This show is loaded and has something for everyone. We hope you enjoy the latest edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The Mental Ward: I Loved You to Death…..


I first discovered pro wrestling in the mid-1980s. “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes doing battle with “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton inside a steel cage is one of my earliest wrestling memories. However, when I saw “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Sting go 60 minutes at the first Clash of the Champions, I was hooked for life. THAT was storytelling. THAT was drama. THAT was pro wrestling. In my youth Hulkamania ran wild. In my high school and college years, The Attitude Era redefined the industry. In my adult years, things just haven’t been the same. A spark is missing. The sport I loved has morphed into something almost unrecognizable at times. Yet, I still watch. I cling to hope that pro wrestling will one day again return to past glory. Webster defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Ladies and gentlemen, come on in. We’re all friends here. Welcome back to, “The Mental Ward.”

The PWA Show: Bellabrating and Contemplating…..


Episode 35 comes to you this week with a Bellabration in progress! Chad & Keila discuss Nikki Bella becoming the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion in history. The duo also look at the very lackluster go home edition of Monday Night Raw that was supposed to whet our appetites for this weekend’s Night of Champions Pay Per View. How did WWE do in making us want to watch their big event Sunday? Jeff Jarrett’s deal with TNA is also examined as it becomes clear why Double J recently again entered into a working agreement with the struggling brand that he helped establish over a decade ago. The focus quickly turns again to talk of the upcoming Night of Champions. The PWA Drinking Game returns as Chad & Keila both give their thoughts, analysis, and predictions for the big event. Who do they believe will walk out of Houston wearing gold? Who will Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns recruit to help them battle the Wyatt Family? Will Nikki Bella’s diva dominance continue? All this and much more is contemplated during this festive edition of our show. So pour a glass of bubbly, put on your party hats, and let’s Bellabrate this week on The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: All Out of Bubblegum…..


Episode 29 comes to you this week as a heartfelt tribute to the late great “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Chad & Keila discuss Piper’s place in pro wrestling history and celebrate his legacy be reliving some of his most memorable moments and feuds. You will also hear plenty from the man himself as several clips are played throughout the show from some of his most infamous editions of Piper’s Pit as well as some of his best promos featuring several of Roddy’s most iconic quotes. Your co-hosting duo also touch on the week’s major news from the pro wrestling world but the main focus of this week’s show is honoring the memory of the greatest villain in pro wrestling history, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. We hope you enjoy our tribute to a man that has left an everlasting impact on professional wrestling and everyone that he ever met. For several generations of fans, there will forever be a hole in our hearts that can never be filled becuase there was only one “Hot Rod”! Let the bagpipes play as we are all out of bubblegum this week on this very special edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: Full Metal Mayhem…..


Episode 28 comes your way with tons of news and thoughts by Chad & Keila. The duo examine the controversial comments made by the legendary Hulk Hogan and the lasting effect those statements may have on his legacy. WWE RAW is also discussed at length including a series of first time matchups that anchored the most recent broadcast as well as another solid performance from John Cena, this time with a shattered nose upon his face. They also address some rumors swirling around including:the future of Sting in WWE, a potential character change for Adam Rose, and a possible new member joining the Wyatt Family. More talk about the future of TNA comes up as well as the fallout from the initial set of TV tapings from Global Force Wrestling. This week on “The PWA Hotseat”, Chad is joined by one half of the Southern Tag Team Champions, Hammerjack. The veteran brawler takes fans on a journey throughout his career from his early years growing up in a tough Baltimore neighborhood through his move to Nashville and entry into the sport of professional wrestling. He also talks at length about how his storming the ring as a fan from the crowd led to him getting noticed and thus launched his career. Not many can claim that their very first match was a no ropes barbed wire match, but Hammerjack can! His passion for the promotion side of pro wrestling is clearly evident as he discusses the successes and failures of Crossfire Wrestling, the rise of his new promotion Slam-Pro Wrestling, and the reasons why many promoters today fail. It’s a very interesting look into the man behind the mayhem. Don’t miss this episode of The PWA Show….YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: The Dream Lives On…..


This week’s episode serves as a tribute to “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes who passed away suddenly this week. Chad & Keila discuss his career and examine the everlasting impact he has had on the sport of professional wrestling. Several memorable Rhodes promos are played throughout the show to pay homage to the memory of this larger than life icon. Your co-hosting duo also cover the usual news topics from this past week around the world of pro wrestling and they give their predictions and analysis on the upcoming WWE Money In The Bank PPV extravaganza. However, Episode 22 is all about “The Dream” and celebrating the life of one of the most charismatic, entertaining, and influential talents in the history of professional wrestling. We hope you enjoy this very special edition of The PWA Show……YOUR pro wrestling authority……if ya will !!!

The PWA Show: Barely Legal…..


The celebration continues this week as Chad & Keila turn 21 together! This episode has it all! Find out what wrestling angle has Keila overcome with uncontrollable laughter. The duo also discuss last Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber, this past Monday’s RAW, the latest edition of the “Stone Cold Podcast” with guest Paul Heyman, a few notes from WWE Smackdown, the incredible momentum ROH has built, the continuing struggles of TNA, and news pertaining to upcoming GFW shows. “The Gimmick Table” segment returns this week with special guest, Chris DePetrillo, the Chief Marketing Officer of Figures Toy Company, as he discusses the upcoming action figure lines his company is producing for ROH, indy wrestling stars, and legends of wrestling. Collectors will love what he has to say! Former WWE developmental talent and Memphis native, Dustin Starr, joins the show to occupy “The PWA Hotseat” this week. Dustin discusses his love of Memphis wrestling growing up, breaking into pro wrestling, working in Florida Championship Wrestling before it became NXT, being a 2-Time NPC Men’s Physique Champion in his home state, ruling the ring as “The Power Couple” with his beautiful fiancee Maria Garay, his upcoming appearances for Global Force Wrestling, and his involvement in the movement to save the historic Mid-South Coliseum and perhaps construct a Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame within that venue. This interview is a great look at one of the top independent wrestling talents in the sport today! To close show, the late great Tommy Rogers of The Fantastics is discussed and Chad talks about a couple of fundraising efforts underway to help his family with funeral expenses. We hope everyone enjoys Episode 21 of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority.

The PWA Show: Beware of the Moose…..


Chad & Keila are in the mood to celebrate this week as they turn 20! Episode 20 is filled with news, views, and laughs as Chad unveils the first ever PWA Show Top 10 List as a tribute to the recently retired David Letterman. Keila also gives her honest thoughts on Josh Matthews and his ability to always put his loafer in his mouth via social media. The duo also get serious and examine the news surrounding the TNA/Destination America relationship as well as the surprising news that Ring of Honor will now be joining the Destination America family as well. They also discuss last week’s NXT special on the WWE Network, this past Monday’s RAW from long Island, and the upcoming Elimination Chamber special. One of the hottest stars in all of pro wrestling, Quinn “Moose” Ojinnaka joins the show for an exclusive interview on “The PWA Hotseat”. Moose talks about his 8 year NFL career and how a life on the gridiron prepared him for the squared circle, his successful first year in ROH, his upcoming shows for GFW, his excitement over the opportunities that lie ahead with ROH’s new TV deal, and his future career goals. Don’t miss this look inside a man that is taking the pro wrestling world by storm! We invite you to kick back and enjoy this fun-filled edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

Halfpints Point: My State of Pro Wrestling Address


On June 12, 2012 Global Force Wrestling will host its first show in Jackson, TN. I’m proud to state that I WILL be attending this landmark show that kicks off their summer Grandslam Minor League Baseball Park Tour. These shows will be leading up to their first television taping coming up July 24 in Las Vegas, NV. Doing so GFW will be joining the ever growing TV market that is pro wrestling. Its interesting to note that two years ago there were only three companies with national television deals. In less than twenty months that market has grown to five with GFW being a potential sixth. I thought it would be fun to go over all of those companies and see if and what GFW has to offer.

The PWA Show: Dangerous Minds…..

Doug Gilbert

This week Chad & Keila re-cap the WWE Payback PPV event and start to look ahead toward the upcoming Elimination Chamber special. The duo discuss all the important points from this past Monday’s RAW as well as: a couple of WWE Hall of Famers that made news this week for less than sterling reasons, TNA’s continued woes, ROH contract news, GFW’s expanding roster, and the latest NXT special on the WWE Network. This week “The PWA Hotseat” is occupied by “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert, a man that has grown up in the world of professional wrestling watching both his father and brother find success before starting his career as a teenager. “The Dangerous One” discusses all aspects of his near 30 year career including: his first televised match in Memphis against none other than Jerry “The King” Lawler, working under a mask as The Dark Patriot in the Dallas based Global Wrestling Federation, his 50 plus tours of Japan, tagging with his brother “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert in Eastern Championship Wrestling before it went extreme, his memorable feuds with Brian Christopher and PG-13 in the USWA, plus how he would like fans to remember the legacy of the Gilbert family. It’s a great look at one of the last remaining territory stars in pro wrestling today. Buckle up and enjoy the ride on Episode 19 of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!