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Old School Spotlight: “Nature Boy” Buddy Landel

Buddy Landel

In the long storied history of professional wrestling, many spandex clad gladiators have grabbed our attention and captured our imaginations. These colorful characters remain in the deepest recesses of our minds years after their glory days in the ring have passed. The most memorable grapplers from our years of wrestling fandom are often those that we encounter early on in our initial discovery of the mat game. This column will take a look at some of the most bizarre, flamboyant, charismatic, and downright terrifying pro wrestlers of all time.

The Mental Ward: Ted Turner Killed My Childhood


I first discovered pro wrestling in the mid-1980s. “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes doing battle with “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton inside a steel cage is one of my earliest wrestling memories. However, when I saw “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and Sting go 60 minutes at the first Clash of the Champions, I was hooked for life. THAT was storytelling. THAT was drama. THAT was pro wrestling. In my youth Hulkamania ran wild. In my high school and college years, The Attitude Era redefined the industry. In my adult years, things just haven’t been the same. A spark is missing. The sport I loved has morphed into something almost unrecognizable at times. Yet, I still watch. I cling to hope that pro wrestling will one day again return to past glory. Webster defines insanity as doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Ladies and gentlemen, come on in. We’re all friends here. Welcome back to, “The Mental Ward.”

The PWA Show: LIVE from Lexington


Hello wrestling fans! We hope you enjoy this special edition of The PWA Show coming at you from Lexington, KY, on location, for the 2015 Lexington Comic & Toy Convention. We are hanging out with our sponsors Heroes and Legends Autographs and Collectables and Pop Culture Artist, J.R. Earls. Heroes & Legends Director of Event Operations, Mike Sawatzki gives us an update after day one of the convention is complete. Chad is joined by our Roving Reporter, “Halfpint” this week as “The Georgia Peach” Keila Ca$h, has the week off to rest her vocal chords and her mind given the state of the WWE product. The PWA Hotseat segment this week features former independednt wrestler, J.R. Earls, who goes in depth about his pro wrestling career and how his passion and love of wrestling is now being used outside the ring in another way. Hear all that and a whole lot more on this week’s edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: A New Beginning…..

Name Tag

Hosts, Chad Flatt and Keila Cash, battle audio problems to bring you, the wrestling fans, a look at the all new PWA Show! The duo introduces themselves and talk about when they became fans of pro wrestling, why they became fans, and why they are STILL huge fans today. They also discuss the format changes to the show and describe the specific segments that you can expect to hear every week on the show going forward. They also have a HUGE announcement concerning the very first guest for their brand new “PWA Hotseat” interview segment which debuts in only two weeks! Who is it? Tune in to find out!