Lucha Underground: Uno Dos Tres (Air Date: 4/1/15)


I quit watching WWE over three months ago and I’ve been searching for something to quench my professional wrestling thirst ever since. After three grueling months of enduring some less than desirable alternatives, I’ve found it! It takes place in a grungy abondoned warehouse in Boyle Heights, CA, affectionately called “The Temple”. I invite you to join me as we go underground and I bring you my thoughts on the newest phenemenon in professional wrestling, Lucha Underground.

This week’s episode involves the following

Best of 5 series with Drago and Areo Star

The Return of Big Ryck

This week’s show opens up with promoter Dario Cueto and Big Ryck who doesn’t come in alone. He’s joined by his Friend “Killshot” and his “Cousin” Mack. Ryck points out that it was Dario who put out the hit on Ryck that got his eye literally smoked by the Crew. Ryck wants to return the favor but Dario points out that tonight begins a tournament for a New Championship the Trios Championship. Wow a six man tag title. That hasn’t been done since Chad started watching Wrestling. Yes he’s that old. After a fantastic recap of last week’s episode we’re joined by the Lovely Melissa Santos

Angelico vs Johnny Mundo/Nitro/Morrison

Wow this is the opening match? Both men are trying to move on to bigger and better things. Mundo wants the Title. Angelico just wants to win after being in a slump. Both men have unique offenses that leave NO one with the early advantage. Its an interesting game of Literally High Flying Chess that Johnny wins WITH A HEEL KICK FROM THE FAN BARRICADE. Johnny gets Angelico back in the ring for a two count. Mundo tries to keep up the momentum and Angelico starts to fight back. They exchange kicks, pin falls, and possibly even Melina’s number. Angelico seems to have been doing his homework. Even landing his Falls of the Angel for a 2 and 9/10ths count. Angelico tries to go for it again. Mundo counters ENZUGURI by Angelico. Angelico goes for another kick Mundo Counters and hits is Starship End of the World whatever its supposed to be called.

Johnny Mundo wins at 7:45 via pinfall

We now cut to El Dragon Azteca kidnapping a woman and teaching her the “art of Lucha Wrestling” to revenge her parents killer from the “Monster behind Bars’ aka Kill Bill Style. . . I’ve seen this movie . . .are we sure Vince Russo isn’t writing this?

Johnny Mundo steps into the Locker room and is congratulated by Alberto El Patron. They shake hands and Mundo challenges Patron. Mundo claims to be the “Face” of Lucha Underground. Alberto laughs it off. This is a match I don’t think we saw in WWE so that looks like a fantastic idea!!!

We cut to Sexy Star and Dario Cuerto talking about being in the Trios Tournament, and makes the main event for the evening. We then kick it back to Melissa Santos (Yes there might be a crush here what can I say I like pretty Ring Announcers)

Drago (1 victory) vs Areostar (2 Victories): 4th match in a Best of 5 Series.

These two have had some would say “5 Star Matches” . Two masters of “Technico” Wrestling going at it and its a real treat to watch in the US. Drago takes the early advantage. Areostar gets the momentum by SOMERSAULT OFF THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR. Drago gets back in the ring when Areostar lands a body splash for a two count. Drago starts to take over the match by taking Areostar out of the ring and scaring poor Melissa Santos ( I need to be there for comfort I’m sure I can expense it) Drago then lands a Corkscrew and applies a very unique roll up for the win.

Drago wins by pin fall at 4:31 to tie the series at 2 victories apiece

Both men shake hands and butt heads because they both know that the next match will decide who gets a “Unique opportunity”. (I hear it involves Melina)

Next we see Son of Havok, Evalisse, and Angelico in Dario Cuerto’s office. He states that neither one of them have had a successful singles career. So he has made them into a team. They show their appreciation by disagreeing with the decision. Cuerto said though that his word is final. (Promoters tend to do that I hear) They will compete next week in the Trios Championship Tournament. Havok reminds us for the record that HE dumped HER. . .whatever

Big Ryck, Killshot, and The Mack vs Sexy Star, Superfly, and Pentagon Jr.

1st match in the Trios Championship Tournament

Sexy Star and Superbly come out themselves and Pentagon jr comes out by himself. That’s not a good thing I think. Pentagon cuts a promo calling his master, saying his partners weak , and that he will win the Trios title by himself. This of course does NOT please his partners. They offer Pentagon their hands and Pentagon refuses to touch them. The Mack and Pentagon start out the match. Mack shows off great athleticism to the delight of the fans. Oh yea that’s better known as the early momentum. Pentagon doesn’t seem interested in tagging in his partners. Then again his chops sound like gunshots so why tag in? The Fans call for one more time and Pentagon obliges. Mack starts to come back enough to tag in Killshot while Superbly shoulder tags Pentagon. After a quick offense he tags in Sexy Star. Sexy Star is a legit woman’s wrestler who belongs in the ring and doesn’t care who she faces. She has a two count on Killshot and was broken up by Big Ryck. He Body presses Sexy Star out of the ring to her partners. Mack and Killshot do a DOUBLE FLIP OUT OF THE RING. Big Ryck signals for a Dive wait CROSS BODY BY SEXY STAR. Pentagon gets back in the ring and takes out Big Ryck. Killshot gets in the ring to take on Pentagon. They exchange signature moves before Pentagon sets up Killshot on the top rope CHOP TO KILLSHOT WHEN PENTAGON TOSSES SEXY STAR TO FRANKENSTEINER KILLSHOT THEN SUPERFLY LANDS A SPLASH. Broken up by Big Ryck for a two count. Ryck sends Pentagon out of the ring. Superfly gets back in the ring just in time to get double teamed by Killshot and The Mack. Mack pins Superfly for the victory.

Big Ryck, Killshot, and the Mack win via pin fall at 10:48

After the match Pentagon is upset that Superfly lost. Sexy Star comes out to the defense of Superfly. Pentagon then points at Sexy Star to end the night.

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