Kashin In: The Viper Enters The Crow’s Nest Edition (3-16-2015)


Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of Ka$hin In with Keila Ca$h. Tonight’s episode of Raw emanated the Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. The Road to Wrestlemania is winding down and WWE has yet to light a spark within its fan base to make the biggest  show of the year truly stand out. Over the past week, I have reminisced about past episodes of Raw during this time of year and wonder what the hell went wrong this year. There is no buzz, excitement, or anticipation. The company’s flagship show has not been must-see television for well over six months now. There have been hints of greatness here and there, but nothing has stuck in terms of sustained hype. Will tonight’s show be any different or did WWE finally wake up and realize they have a blockbuster PPV to promote with 13 nights to go? The answer to that question can be found throughout this blog. Without further ado, let’s dissect tonight’s episode of Raw in no particular order.

  • J&J Security should get a raise for being right about Randy Orton betraying The Authority.
  • Seth Rollins rolling his eyes in bemusement at Jamie Noble as he called himself the secret weapon of The Authority was awesome.
  • At least Orton is self-aware of getting his ass kicked in a 5-on-1 attack. It should be interesting to see Orton vs. Rollins with the face-heel lines being clearly drawn in comparison to their last match back in November.
  • The opening segment was unremarkable for the most part. The Big Show and Kane acted like two whimpering giants as they apologized to Rollins for their stupidity when it came to trusting Orton. Joey Mercury continued to act like the latter half of Penn and Teller by remaining silent while Rollins acted outraged about a double cross that even Stevie Wonder could see coming from a mile away. Despite the logic loopholes, the segment worked when it came to making Orton vs. Rollins official for Wrestlemmania while also hyping their prelude match later in the show. Therefore, the opening was a success despite its flaws.
  • It appears that the Divas were given a smidgen of a chance as AJ Lee and Nikki Bella had a competitive match to kick off the in-ring action on Raw. They had a solid bout and the crowd did not fall asleep for the most part. We have a long away to go before we see actionable change regarding how the women are presented on television, but it was nice to see the ladies get a semblance of airtime for a change.
  • Oh joy! More Authority infighting. How exciting.
  • How adorable. The crowd wants Lana. She is sorely missed. She’s filming a movie with Edge and should be back in about six weeks.
  • Who in the hell is this dude speaking on Rusev’s behalf?
  • Is WWE using continuity and logic? Smack me over the head with a feather. Stephanie McMahon did state that only Rusev could grant Cena a rematch for the United States Championship. Lana caved because Cena was submitting Rusev into a state of unconsciousness. Therefore, the contract is null and void in that respect.
  • The fake lawyer guy has a hybrid Southern Texas and Northern New Jersey accent. What a strange combination. WWE couldn’t hire a hot surrogate to take Lana’s place until she comes back?
  • The contract signing was okay. Cena was in super patriotic mode while Rusev exercised his freedom of speech by spewing venom about America. He flipped the table in Cena’s direction before escaping. He dropped the Russian flag from the ceiling to add insult to injury as the segment came to a close.
  • This was probably the weakest Cena-Rusev confrontation to date. Lana was not there to add that extra heat and the guy who acted as her substitute was horrible from an acting standpoint. Therefore, what could have been a hot segment left me feeling lukewarm at best. They have one more live show before Wrestlemania to get things back on track. First order of business, fire Random Lawyer Guy. I am sure someone from NXT can serve as Rusev’s mouthpiece until Lana returns.
  • Cesaro gets bitched out by a bull. The Tag Team Division is hanging on by a thread with these type of sophomoric antics. The days of The Shield, Wyatt Family, Rhodes Brothers, Real Americans, and Usos tearing up the tag team scene seems like a distant memory at this point. I guess the Tag Team Renaissance has come to a sad and abrupt end. Sigh.
  • Yay! More Authority infighting. I smell a setup and Orton is probably dumb enough to fall for it even though he projected a 5-on-1 ass kicking. This is reverse mind reading at its worst.
  • Kick ass. Get paid. That’s Brock Lesnar’s mantra. Lesnar is outstanding during these stripped, sit down interviews. He’s cocky and can back it up in the ring. He vows to destroy Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. The Beast is in defense mode which makes him even more dangerous. I hope Reigns can offer a rebuttal that can get the crowd behind him in a positive way. We are less than two weeks away from the big dance. He needs to be presented like a true main event player instead of being a supporting actor in another feud that is fourth or fifth on the Mania card.
  • A 6-Being Interspecies Match….

My thoughts exactly.

My thoughts exactly.

  • The running joke of the non-working microphone continues. Heyman implodes in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…
  • Outside of the dude in the blue t-shirt hamming it up like a total ass behind Reigns, I thought he did a solid job on the microphone. The fans managed to squeak in a Daniel Bryan chant into the proceedings, but Reigns brushed off the crowd noise and continued with his promo. It was far from perfect, but at least he was given a chance to respond. I still need a bit more fire power from Reigns in the verbal department to really sell his match against Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Heyman is so great on the mic and to ask Reigns to top him in that regard would be asinine. However, seeing him stretch himself as a speaker and performer would be greatly appreciated.
  • According to Heyman, Reigns will get that chance next week when he and Lesnar will be face-to-face for the first time since their sit down interview during Raw is Snow the night after the Royal Rumble. Reigns will have to cut the promo of his life in order to truly sell his match against Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It appears that the audience is being sold on a massacre instead of a competitive match between champion and challenger. Let’s hope the company can balance the scales a bit to make things interesting from a professional wrestling standpoint. If the booking team intends to make this an even fight, it should be presented as such. Reigns providing succinct and believable reasons as to why he plans to kick Lesnar’s ass would be most helpful. Plus, seeing them beat the hell out of each other would serve as a nice precursor for things to come during their match at Wrestlemania.
  • The six man tag team match featuring Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett, Stardust, and Luke Harper was solid. The action was good for the most part, but seeing Barrett take yet another loss was disheartening.
  • Things took a turn for the better when Barrett had Bull Hammers for everyone while reclaiming ownership of the Intercontinental Championship. It was a clear sign that the fun and games were over. No more hot potato for the IC Title. No more comedy. No more “Daniel Bryan is a turd” bullshit. It’s about climbing up a ladder to capture the gold. Allegiances be damned. I approve of this approach considering that the go-home show is next week. Therefore, the fallout of the six man tag bout was a success in my opinion. Shit just got real in a serious way.
  • Rollins is a man on an island all by himself. Or so it seems.
  • Very nice promo by Bray Wyatt. He is doing his part putting over his match against The Undertaker. His promo was filled with context and had me captivated from start to finish. The premise of the feud makes sense because he wants to be the new face of fear. He wants to be the watcher of everything that is good and evil. If the streak was still intact, this could be quite the matchup. Taker vs. Wyatt will tell one of two stories. Either we will see the Phenom’s Redemption or the Eater of Worlds Ascension. In any event, I hope Wyatt comes out of the match looking strong regardless of the outcome. Fingers crossed and all that jazz.
  • I find it laughable that Rollins thought he pulled one over on Orton. The Viper rightly predicted that he would get his ass kicked at the start of Raw. Therefore, this ruse lacked suspense and drama.
  • Seeing Sting and Orton standing side by side as for the first time ever was awesome. The visual was surreal in the best possible way.
  • Sting and Orton laid waste to The Authority’s minions as Triple H looked on in disgust. It was so cool seeing Sting fired up. He really soaked in the moment and had fun with it. The crowd was hot for him which was an added bonus.
  • I still need to hear Sting speak sans his appearance on the WWE Network to truly sell his match against Triple H at Wrestlemania. I guess the company is holding off on that moment until next week. Let’s hope it’s worth the wait.
  • This was a nice way to end the show. Sure, the setup was predictable but the outcome was well-executed as Sting put the screws to Triple H once again. The main event segment was a win all things considered.
  • Overall, I thought this was a decent episode of Raw. This was not a perfect show by any stretch of the imagination. However, it was a broadcast that offered morsels of what’s to come next week. WWE provided a hook for the go-home show by placing emphasis on the key Wrestlemania matches. Rollins vs. Orton, Sting vs. Triple H, and Reigns vs. Lesnar are the money feuds. Each bout got highlighted with varying degrees of success. Next week’s Raw from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California should put the exclamation point on things. We are at the two minute warning. All hands should be on deck to sell these feuds to the hilt. Let’s hope that the company gets the job done.
  • The mid card with the possible exception of the IC Title Ladder Match leaves me cold at the moment. The Tag Team division is approaching joke territory while the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal features an assortment of jobbers minus the requisite appearances of Big Show, Kane, and Mark Henry to fill out the big men quota. I hope the winner of this year’s battle royal will walk away with a semblance of a push and keeps the trophy past the night after Wrestlemania. I’m not holding my breath, but I can think positive thoughts.
  • One more live show. One more chance to get it right. One more chance to make the people care about Wrestlemania XXXI. I am cautiously optimistic that next week’s go-home show is going to be incredible. I want Wrestlemania Sunday to feel like Christmas morning when I wake up in anticipation for the biggest show of the year. If WWE can give me that type of unmitigated joy, I think we might have a great WM on our hands. From my lips to the Wrestling Gods’ ears.

On that note, this wraps up another edition of Ka$hin In with Keila Ca$h. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be back next week with a brand new blog. I shall leave you with “A Moment with Daria and Jane.” See you later, boys and girls!


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