Kashin In: The RKO From Out of Nowhere Edition (4-20-2015)

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Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of Ka$hin In with Keila Ca$h. Tonight’s episode of Monday Night Raw emanated from The Times Union Center in Albany, New York. The WWE crew has returned stateside after a two week trek of Europe. Plus, it’s the go-home show for the Extreme Rules PPV this upcoming Sunday. Did the company emphasize the major selling points for the most extreme night of the year or did they suffer from a bad case of jetlag which also made the viewing audience lethargic? The answer to that question can be found throughout this blog. Without further ado, let’s dissect tonight’s episode of Raw in no particular order.

  • What a dirty, evil trick by Xavier Woods. He held Sin Cara’s leg which prevented him from getting back in the ring before the count of ten. I guess it’s a new day after all. It’s a great way to generate heel heat, but it creates an interesting dichotomy for Extreme Rules because Cesaro and Tyson Kidd will be the de facto babyfaces in the match because The New Day will get booed out of the building. Considering the fact that the PPV is in Chicago will give fans extra incentive to boo Team Clap or Snap even more. It should be a fun match with an electric atmosphere to boot.
  • Randy Orton strikes by hitting a pair of RKOs to Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. He did vow to unleash his fury since he can’t use his finisher on Sunday. On a side note, my ears perked up during the opening segment because I thought Orton was about to call out Rollins for banning the RKO in a steel cage match when it’s no disqualifications to begin with. However, The Viper talked about how he planned to methodically kick Rollins’ ass. Hell, I thought he would mention how he planned to punt The Champ in the head to truly finish him off. WWE Logic is alive and well.
  • The production crew is playing the wrong music for Fandango.  Musical botch. I kid, I kid.
  • Kane actually had a witty line about The Authority anointing El Torito the face of WWE and World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Kane has been named Keeper of the Gate for the steel cage match between Orton and Rollins at Extreme Rules. It was Triple H’s way of cooling off a potentially dicey situation. Kane rescinded his two weeks’ notice request and agreed to guard the cage. What a prestigious job to have.
  • I thought the Tough Enough announcement along with the storyline beef between Rollins and Kane was cluttered. Triple H was in business mode as he made a serious announcement regarding the return of Tough Enough. The crowd was lukewarm for Hunter’s speech and Kane coming out to bitch about his issues with Rollins didn’t help matters. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit that people opted not to audition because they would be saddled with long promos that would kill a crowd dead. Thankfully, Kane’s quip salvaged things. However, it would benefit WWE in the future to separate fact from fiction when it comes to making real-life announcements. Merging the two only muddles the waters in my estimation.
  • They haven’t changed Naomi’s music yet? She is not a smiling, jovial person anymore. Jim Johnston better get to work on some badass theme music from the Lady who Formerly Lived on Planet Funk.
  • Are the Bella Twins babyfaces now or should they still be hated heels? These heel-face dynamics are killing me and confusing the audience. It prevents them from investing in the match because they don’t know who to cheer or boo. The Divas already have a hard time generating a crowd reaction. Why make it ten times worse by not giving the ladies well-defined characters and personalities in order to forge a true connection with fans? Mind blowing…
  • I will say that Naomi showed good fire and aggression during her match against Brie Bella. It would be nice to see the ladies verbalize their feelings between now and Thursday Night Smackdown because the fans need a definitive reason to care about Naomi vs. Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules.
  • Well, That RKO truly came out of nowhere. That was a cool spot. Poor Heath Slater. I hated the audible gasp of horror from Slater before Orton hit the move, but that’s a minor nitpick. It was a cute segment and I love how Orton continues the recurring theme of eating a snack between hitting RKOs. I remember him eating a Christmas cookie during his street fight against David Otunga on a live holiday of episode of Smackdown back in 2011. Tonight, he feasted on a tortilla chip after taking out Mr. Slater. That’s the kind of continuity I can get behind.
  • Bo Dallas and his oddly shaped beard and mustache…Welcome back, Mr. Boliever. Prepare to get destroyed by Roman Reigns.
  • Tim Tebow won a playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers! Therefore, he is not a loser. For the most part…
  • Superman Punch: Check. Spear: Check. Bye, bye Bo.
  • Live with Chris Jericho should be a goody with Stephanie McMahon as the special guest. It will be quite the trip down memory lane for those two. I expect a lot of laughs and some informative tidbits from Steph.
  • That was quite the freeze frame of Rusev attacking John Cena with the chain. The facial expressions said it all.
  • And Damien Mizdow goes back to Sandow. It’s a shitty way for their feud to end, but I prefer Sandow being his own man because he has a ton of personality and talent. Let’s hope that he doesn’t get lost in the mid-card shuffle.
  • The Miz becomes victim number four on Randy Orton’s RKO Hit List.
  • When was the last time WWE ran through an entire PPV card on television that wasn’t broken down into bits and pieces on the show? Color me shocked and impressed.
  • I have deliberately made it a point to ignore all Bray Wyatt promos until further notice. I love the guy, but I thought WWE would’ve changed course with Wyatt’s character after he lost to The Undertaker at WrestleMania. How is he the New Face of Fear when he couldn’t beat Taker? Why should his next alleged victim care about his empty threats? I needed a new attitude from Wyatt post-Mania that included a sense of retrospection and ownership of his failures, but I have yet to see a meaningful shift in his personality and it’s frustrating. It’s hard to buy into anything he says which sucks because his promos usually hook me from beginning to end. Now, they are simply empty words that leave me hollow for the most part. Cue sad face. L
  • And Orton saves his best RKO for last as he pulled Rollins from the top rope and nailed him with his finisher. It was a beautiful spot.
  • Rollins vs. Ziggler was good. Both men brought it from an in-ring standpoint. It was fast paced and hard hitting as there were a couple of near falls that added a level of suspense to the match. Things came to halt when Sheamus came out to distract Ziggler by declaring that The Show Off would kiss his arse at Extreme Rules. Rollins capitalized and powerbombed Ziggler on the turnbuckle before hitting him with a DDT-like finisher. According to various internet reports, the Curb Stomp has been banned from Rollins’ arsenal for safety reasons. It’s going to take a while to get used to his new finisher, but I will learn to like it over time.
  • The final hype for Orton vs. Rollins was solid. Orton kept his promise by making it rain RKOs all night long. Rollins talked himself into a sticky situation as Kane was named Gatekeeper for the steel cage match. What role will the Big Red Corporate Machine play during the main event? I guess we shall wait and see come Sunday. There will be shenanigans. That’s a gua-ran-damn-tee.
  • Overall, I thought’s tonight’s episode of Raw was decent at best. The show felt longer than usual and that’s something I haven’t really complained about as of late. The matches ranged from decent to good with the main event bout featuring Ziggler and Rollins winning match of the night honors from me. The John Cena Open Challenge for the United States Championship fell flat this week due to his opponent. I have seen too many Cena vs. Kane matches to really care at this point. Rusev attacking Cena backstage was a nice way to hype their Russian Chain match at Extreme Rules, though.
  • The promotion for the PPV was solid. All of the main matches were touched on. However, it was a little glaring to see how the announcers pretty much said that Bad News Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan for the Intercontinental Championship might not take place due to Bryan’s injury. Both men were kept off Raw which was telling as well. I hope Bryan is okay, but it’s looking very doubtful that he will compete on Sunday. As always, it’s better to be safe than sorry as one’s health should never be compromised in order to get a cheap pop from the crowd.
  • The first couple of segments on the show didn’t warrant a direct response because it featured a lot of yapping that didn’t cover new ground. Plus, Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper ended too fast to really judge it properly. At least the non-finish will lead to a batshit crazy match between both men at Extreme Rules.
  • Some of the stipulations leave a lot to be desired, but it should be a good PPV nonetheless. It’s all about the quality of the matches and how they are booked. We shall see how it all turns out Sunday night.

On that note, this wraps up another edition of Ka$hin In with Keila Ca$h. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be back next week with a brand new blog. I shall leave you with “A Moment with Daria.”  See you later, boys and girls!


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