Kashin In: The Monday Night Raw Needs Jesus Edition (3-9-2015)


Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of Ka$hin with Keila Ca$h. Tonight’s episode of Raw emanated from The Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are a mere 20 days away from Wrestlemania XXXI. There is muted excitement in the air about the biggest show of the year. The main event featuring Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship has been met with very mixed reviews thus far. With Lesnar making a live appearance on Raw, would the marquee bout get some much needed tender, love, and care? Or did WWE drop the ball and leave the audience in a state of apathy with three live shows to go until WM? The answer to these questions can be found throughout this blog. Without further ado, let’s dissect tonight’s episode of Raw in no particular order.

  • Welcome to the Mutual Admiration Society: The Randy Orton Edition.
  • At least Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury have every logical reason to doubt Orton’s loyalty.
  • Seth Rollins took quite the shot at The Big Show. It’s not like he’s lying, though.
  • Orton is killing it with the zingers. His comments about Kane, Big Show, and Noble had me laughing out loud. Who knew Orton had a sense of humor?
  • And he saved his biggest ammunition for Rollins. Orton is on a roll tonight.
  • He’s just teasing them. For now. The hammer will drop sooner rather than later.
  • That was a fun segment. I thought Orton cut one of his better promos as he completely destroyed The Authority. He had the crowd eating out of his hand. The swerve was expected, but I was a little disappointed because the fans were so hot when he was ripping everyone apart verbally. It caused the segment to end on a flat note, but I expect things to pick up during the 2-on-1 handicap match featuring Rollins and Orton vs. Reigns later in the show. With the number of live shows before Wrestlemania dwindling, Orton showing his true colors should happen tonight. Delaying the turn another week is risky because the fans in Pittsburgh are already antsy for it. We shall see how it all plays out.
  • Well, that was underwhelming. Bad News Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan was fine, but not out of this world amazing. The ending was sudden and both men deserved more time to shine in the ring. Barrett’s losing streak still sucks, but I digress.
  • Daniel Bryan did quite the sell job because Barrett did not connect with the Bull Hammer at all. Either that or the camera angle sucked. In any event, the execution was bad and lessened the impact of the sneak attack after the match was over. This segment ended on a lackluster note which is shocking considering the talent of both men.
  • I guess Intercontinental Championship melee was a way for Barrett to properly execute his finisher on Bryan the second time around.
  • I still think this game of hot potato for the IC Title is a bit too cutesy for my taste. The sooner we get to the ladder match at Wrestlemania, the better. The silliness can be set aside and the wrestlers will be able to put on a high flying demolition derby that could steal the show. Whoever wins the gold will hopefully be presented like legit superstar. Yes, I know. Wishful thinking.
  • That’s pretty classy of WWE to give out the first ever Warrior Award to Connor “The Crusher” Michalek. I am tearing up right now. What a beautiful tribute to The Ultimate Warrior and that precious little boy who lost his battle to brain cancer way too soon.
  • That was an effective video promo. It put over Reigns and detailed his past, present and future in a meaningful way. Most importantly, we get to see these promos on television instead of 10 minutes before match time at Wrestlemania. Sell, sell, and sell! That’s my philosophy when it comes to hyping the marquee match at the biggest show of the year.
  • Somebody is fucking with Heyman’s microphone once again.
  • Heyman is bringing the heat. Sweet Baby Jesus.
  • Paul Heyman did that shit. He is King Midas on the microphone. His description of Roman Reigns’ family was a bit colorful that could ruffle some political correctness feathers, but he is a heel who simply doesn’t give a damn and I respect him for it. However, the fans didn’t treat him or Lesnar as the bad guys because they were cheered for the most part. This presents a problem because Reigns is supposed to be the badass babyface to stop The Beast in his tracks. A strong rebuttal from Reigns would help balance the scales between good and evil, but it’s a dicey situation. Once again, Heyman is carrying the Wrestlemania main event on his back right now with his promos. He’s in another universe where even the Starship Enterprise can’t find him. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.
  • Stephanie McMahon: Ball Snipping Extraordinaire.
  • Damien Wizdow spitting rap rhymes to The Miz? I’ve seen it all. The man is multitalented.
  • During any musical performance on WWE television, the production crew works overtime to find people in the crowd that gives a damn about said rapper or singer. It’s the best form of unintentional comedy.
  • My reaction to Wiz Khalifa’s performance:


  • Divas Match = Crickets…
  • Did Sting hire a spokesman to speak on his behalf?
  • The vignette was good, but I need to see Sting in the flesh and using his own voice to properly sell his match against Triple H. If he’s going to show up, it has to be during the go-home show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on March 23rd. Fingers crossed!
  • When you can’t get a yes to a United States Championship rematch, the alternative is to choke your opponent out until his manager caves in. That was smart strategy utilized by Cena. The fact that Cena didn’t break out into a smile or celebrate was a nice touch. He is in a different zone right now and the pissed off look he had on his face spoke volumes. This was an effective segment and I am looking forward to Cena vs. Rusev: Part Deux at Wrestlemania in three weeks.
  • I think I am watching the first Russian Telenovela argument between Rusev and Lana.
  • I am beginning to see a trend here. Is this a Tag Team showcase to demonstrate the possible Tag Team Title match scenarios at Wrestlemania? If that’s the case, The Usos, Tyson Kidd, and Cesaro are the class of the division. Therefore, they should be competing at Wrestlemania without the looming possibility of a Triple Threat or Fatal Four Way match. We went down that road last year and I don’t want to see a retread. Even though the Fatal Four way bout for the Tag Team Titles was very good during the Wrestlemania XXX preshow, The Usos vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro can tear the house down on their own without the added window dressing. Besides, The New Day and Los Matadores are not setting the world on fire these days due to their dead end gimmicks.
  • But alas, I see a Fatal Four Way match for the Tag Team Championship in my crystal ball at Wrestlemania. Oh well. The work rate should be good, but still… Let’s hope the title match is not regulated to the preshow for a second year in a row.
  • Hello, JBL’s hat…
  • Holy Shit! The Undertaker restored Bray Wyatt’s rocking chair only to set it on fire with a bolt of lightning. How cruel.
  • In any event, I thought Bray Wyatt cut a hell of a promo. He is not The Undertaker’s redemption story. Wyatt is the final act in Taker’s career. The coup de grace. The requiem. The end. It was some of his best mic work in months. The Undertaker’s parlor tricks put the exclamation point on things. He doesn’t have to physically appear to sell his match. Unless he is making a cameo appearance in Los Angeles during the go-home episode of Raw, people should pay to see the Dead Man in action. His entrance is worth the price of admission alone. As always, I hope that Wyatt benefits from this somehow. I said the same thing about his match against Cena at WM XXX and that didn’t end turn out so well. If he’s the new face of fear, he should be treated as such because Wyatt is going to be around for the long haul while Taker is close to hanging up his wrestling boots for good. Overall, this was a great way to hype The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt at Wrestlemania.
  • Middle finger salute to Rollins courtesy of Randy Orton. Let the bloodbath begin.
  • And Rollins eats a RKO on the announce table for his troubles.
  • The brawl was fine, but it lacked heat. I could copy and paste that statement for most of the show, but I’ll reserve those comments for later.
  • Let’s get the positives out of the way first. Orton finally turned on Rollins. I think his opening segment sucked the excitement from the crowd because they were so pumped for him to turn on Rollins right then and there, but WWE opted to milk the moment until the main event segment. Outside of the RKO on the table, the beat down fell flat. Perhaps both men will go balls to the walls without the fake pleasantries with two live shows to go before Wrestlemania. Let’s see if they can get the job done.
  • Now, I must focus on the big, pink elephant in the room. Roman Reigns has been presented as if he is nothing but an ancillary part of the Wrestlemania main event. Heyman talks him up. The video packages paint a glowing picture of his will to fight. However, none of those words or images are being translated on television. I don’t blame Reigns, I hold WWE responsible for painting a picture of a badass Samoan who is not captivating a live audience from week to week. I am seeing a guy play second fiddle to Orton vs. Rollins. Brock Lesnar was in the building and he couldn’t offer a fucking rebuttal. I guess he will reserve his comments during another sit down interview with Byron Saxton on Thursday Night Smackdown. Hell, he can’t even get an exclusive sound bite on the WWE Network after Raw because Cena talking about his U.S. Title match against Rusev holds more precedence than hearing from one half of the main event at Wrestlemania XXXI.
  • WWE tells us one thing, yet shows us something completely when it comes to the presentation of Reigns. I can’t blame the fans for being colder than crickets during his 2-on-1 handicap match against Orton and Rollins. If Reigns is the future, present him as such. I should see this man destroying everything in his path leading up to his match against The Beast for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Instead, he is a supporting character to a match that might be third or fourth on the Mania card. It’s an embarrassment. Vince McMahon should be ashamed of himself for booking this haphazard mess. He has three weeks to get it together or else the fans at Levi’s Stadium is going to turn Wrestlemania out six ways to Sunday. Unless there is a master plan at work, I almost ready to tap out faster than Cat Zingano at UFC 184.
  • Overall, I thought this was a subpar episode of Raw. As I noted a few weeks ago, bullshit shows are no longer acceptable as we head into the heart of Wrestlemania season. However, WWE is sleepwalking their way to WM XXXI. The Pittsburgh crowd was dead outside of a few hope spots. The matches were non-descript and insignificant.
  • Paul Heyman and Bray Wyatt deserve a gold star for their promo work tonight. They made Wrestlemania seem important even though the rest of the show leaves a lot to be desired in terms of hype. It’s as if they are in a bubble where everything is rainbow and unicorns while the rest of the wrestling population drowns in a sea of mediocrity. It’s quite the juxtaposition.
  • There are two more live shows until Wrestlemania. If WWE does not wake up and smell the coffee that Kane is brewing for them backstage, they will get a rude awakening coming WM Sunday. I hate to sound negative, but the Road to Wrestlemania is supposed to be fun and exciting. This year’s build has been lackluster and time is running out to right the ship. Let’s hope the company can salvage things. Let’s all send a silent prayer to the Wrestling Gods. We need a little divine intervention at this point.

On that note, this wraps up another edition of Ka$hin In with Keila Ca$h. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be back next week with a brand new blog. Until then, I shall leave you with “A Moment with Daria and Jane.” See you later, boys and girls!


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