Halfpint’s Roving Report: WrestleCade IV


It was Thanksgiving Weekend in Winston-Salem North Carolina. For the Fourth consecutive year Wrestlecade held what is the biggest Indy show AND Wrestling Convention on the East Coast. The PWA Show was on hand and not only got some interviews but for you 15 normal readers out there and several others wanting to relive such a fantastic night here it is my Roving Report.

Before the night properly started we received a special BONUS match. The AML Champion Papadon took on the Reality of Wrestling Champion the Mysterious Q. AML is a promotion based in North Carolina while Reality of Wrestling is run in Texas by the 6x World Champion Booker T. These two men certainly showed the definition of Champion. Eagerly impressing both the crowd and this guy. They went to a Ten Minute Draw and after the bell sounded. The Crowd demanded five more minutes. Papadon said he was willing to comply. . . but not on this night. He left quickly to a chorus of boos and hisses.

That wasn’t the only pre-match we got as Jimmy Cornette came down the isle with The NWA World AND AML Tag Team Champions The Heatseakers. Cornette presented them a special Tennis Racket and Trophy as trophies of winning the first ever Cornette Cup. They explain to the crowd and to Corny that they’re the best tag team in Wrestling. Cornette begged to differ and offered them an opponent to face. The Wolves came out to a estatic crowd itching to see this match up.

The Heatseekers lived up to their name as they started out making an attempt to get an early advantage. Their attempt appeared thwarted but quickly started double teaming Eddie Edwards. The wear down continued for several minutes till Davey recieved the Hot Tag. After which the crowd was treated to a double Figure Four. The WOOOS echoed the approval of the crowd. The happiness was short lived. Due to Sigmon’s use of a Tennis Racket. The Heatseekers won the matchup. The Wolves though were still fired up vowing revenge for the dastardly deed.

The Show properly began afterwards with the playing of our National Anthem. Then some words from Bob Caudle. Bob Caudle’s career started in the 1950s (can you belive that?), and He’s still going today. After that warm welcome and Standing Ovation it was time for our first proper matchup.

CW Anderson took on 2 Cold Scorpio which not only was a ECW Veterans Match. It was a billed as a grudge match. CW wanted revenge on Scorpio for knocking him unconscious. Scorpio wanted to wrestle. Anderson though wanted to fight. That was made clear from the get go. CW had the early advantage. Scorpio though fought back just as hard. When it seemed too even CW took a breath outside. He came back though with a vengance. Scorpio though had enough and when a referee tried to seperate he got taken out. This provided a distraction allowing CW to hit a Loaded punch. It was for a two count though to Anderson’s Annoyance. Scorpio wouldn’t stay down though he mounted an offense. It was laid to waste by an Anderson Superkick and the three count.

Out next came Armando Alejandro Estrada. He reintroudces himself then introduces his client for the evening. His Client then reintroduces himself . . . yes like Inception. Oh wait I forgot to mention his client for the evening is MRRRRRRR . KEEEE– shit I don’t want to get sued ANNNNDERSOONNNNNNN. He also says that he doesn’t want to beat his opponent once he wants to defeat him twice, and makes the matchup 2 out of 3 falls (HEY OLD SCHOOL I LOVE IT). His opponent though is another former WWE Vet Shelton Benjamin. I’ve always felt that both of these guys were severely under used. Wait why the hell am I complaining? I’m watching Anderson vs Benjamin 2/3 falls. Wow that was quick Benjamin won the first fall in rather quick fashion. He continues doing several roll ups for two counts. Anderson leaves the ring to catch his breath and possibly his pride. Benjamin tries to mount another offense but is distracted by Estrada. This gives Anderson an opportunity to land a Mic Check and get the 2nd fall. Anderson keeps his momentum going and allowing Estrada to get some licks in too. After a sleeper hold though the crowd willed Benjamin to shift the momentum back in his favor. After a swift ENZUGURI both men were down. They begin to slug it out then exchange suplexes. Suplex City earned a new mayor in Benjamin. It garnered him a two count though. After a distraction from Estrada Anderson hit a Mic Check for a two and nine/tenths count. Benjamin though lands a SUPERKICK with a STO for the pinfall victory.

Next up is a Six Ladies Tag match. The team of ODB, Taeler Hendrix, and Tessa Blanchard took on the team of Havok, Barbie Hayden, and Amber Gallows. This match is partially covered. No I didn’t go to the bathroom. I was called backstage to assist a Wrestler in need. When I returned to my seat Taeler and Amber were duking it out. Taeler lands a superkick which allows a double tag. Tessa and Barbie go at it with Hayden landing at Top Rope DDT for a two count. Tessa starts to fight back but Barbie Tags in Havok. Havok is one of the most powerful women I’ve ever seen live. She starts to really take out her not in TNA anymore fustrations on Tessa and fresh tagging in her partners never letting up. Tessa though kept fighting back through her sheer never allowing to be down for a three count. Despite the dasterdly tactics Tessa always kicked out at two. Finally after a DDT Tessa made the hot tag to ODB. ODB takes out both Amber and Barbie and gives them a Double Bronco Buster. Havok though stands tall in front of her and begins to slug it out. Havok kicked ODB out of the way which gave an opportunit for Taeler and Tessa to double team Havok. Taking her out of the ring. ODB spits on Amber and rolls her up for the three count.

This next matchup was a dream match for al lthe fans in attendance. Sonjay Dutt the Global Force NextGen Champion took on ROH’s own “Reborn” Matt Sydal. The match began slow with both men arguing over who was getting the loudest reaction. THen shockingly it became a Mat Style matchup with Sydal locking up on Dutt. Sonjay though proved a formadable opponent. I call it a draw in that aspect. THen after an exchange of hurricanranas. Dutt took Sydal out. When they got back in Dutt had the momentum but just for two counts. Dutt then gave an abdominal stretch that Sydal broke free and landed a Leg Lariat which shifted the momentum in Sydal’s favor though only for two counts. Sydal then used a modified Indian Deathlock. Dutt though starts to comeback. Sydal couldn’t come back from a Top Rope Plancha which gave Dutt the Victory. Afterwards both men shook hands in a great display of Sportsmanship. Almost like a Code of Honor. . .oh wait.

Ok Its time for the cage match lets see how long this will take to set up. *During this time Halfpint goes to the bathroom, mingles with other fans, and grabs something to drink 5 minutes elapse* WHOA THEY GOT THAT CAGE UP QUICK. George South’s Crew really knows what they’re doing. I’ll get to George South later in this writeup but I must say STAND UP JOB getting that cage up. Another Grudge match is taking place as Luke Hawx is fighting Gunner. It was announced as the match began that it is win by escape only. This drew boos from the crowd which perplexed me. Anyways back in the Olden times (before I was born) Cage matches were used to settle grudges, had a lot of blood, and a lot of risky moves. This match had it all. Especially the blood as both men had “Crimson Masks” for faces. GORDON SOLIE REFERENCE FOR THE WIN. Gunner and Luke truly duke it out. Hawk tries to finish with a ROLLING SENTON FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE. This didn’t finish Gunner off though and after a viscous spear. Gunner finally crawled his way out of the ring. After which led to a brief 15 minute intermission.

When Intermission ended it was time for the George South Battle Royal. South himself entered the ring and decided to enter his own Battle Royal. The winner recieves a AML title shot. What an opportunity for any of these esteemed Wrestlers. The Contestants were as follows: George South, The Mulkey Brothers (MULKEY MANIA IS RUNNING WILD), Bobby Fulton, Bill Dundee, Sam Houston, Jimmy Vailiant (who came out to a THUNDEROUS Ovation), Ryan Davis, Alex Rayne, the Lockart Brothers, Jason Kincaid (who won a battle royal on AML TV to recieve a shot at this), El Divino, Garrett Bischoff, Blue Meanie, Greg Valentine, Ethan Carter III, Ernest Miller, Glacier, Colt Cabana, Shane Douglas, Roz C, Brutus Beefcake, and Col Robert Parker.

As the match began Parker calls out Valiant who quickly leaves the ring and eliminates himself. It should be noted that one of the referees outside the ring is Tommy Young. Also at ringside is Bill Apter covering it. Hey I’m back in time again That’s three in a row. I might as well get a Deloran shouldn’t I? Ok why am I distracting you from NOT calling the Battle Royal? Ok Have you seen these live? Its a cluster to say the least. The Final Four Were South, Blue Meanie, EC III, and Roz C. Meanie was eliminated and South was tricked out leaving ECIII and Roz C remaining. EC III though wins via a low blow. I’m sure if any World Champion would be proud it would be Undertaker. Did I really just type that?

Because one dream matchup wasn’t enough we got a second one for free. PJ Black (FKA Justin Gabriel) took on Johnny Nitro,Mundo,Morrison. I call it the battle of the Daredevils. Marks in the basement call it a wet dream. Needless to say if you know both contestants. This matchup was very even and tough to call. Black tries to signal a Grecco Roman Knuckle Lock. That he skillfully turned into a headlock. Morrison powers out and we’re back at a stand still. That is till Morrison leg scissors Black out of the ring. Black takes a breather while Morrison invites Black in the ring He FLIPS over the top rope in a sign of disrespect. They proceed to Counterfest each other (a non stop hard to call continuation of countering each others move). It ended when Black punched Morrison out of the ring. Black returns the invitation from earlier yet lifts both bottom ropes. Again in a sign of disrespect. Morrison answers the disrespect with a kick. He landed a stiff clothesline for a two count. Morrison then goes to the top rope signaling the Starship Press. Black quickly gets out of the way. He gets a beating though including what I can best describe as an inverted Belly to Belly. Two count though for Morrison. Black then uses a Springboard move to turn the tide in his favor. Black goes to the top and Morrison quickly gets out of the way. Black tries another Springboard move and gets a Super kick for his troubles. Morrison and Black counterfest again till Black is dropped down to the ring and Morrison lands a Starship Press for the Pinfall victory. After this exciting display of Athleticism both men shook hands.

There was one more match remaining. You could say its Tennessee vs North Carolina (GO VOLS), Old School vs Attitude, either way it was a one fall NO TIME LIMIT matchup for the Wrestlecade Championship. As JBL would say TURN THE LIGHTS ON BRIGHT ITS TIME FOR OUR MAIN EVENT.

Out first came out the Challenger and some would say his better half. Jeff and Karen Jarrett, the founders of Global Force Wrestling, entered to a chorus of boos. They seemed to enjoy that and proceeded to argue with every fan that came their way. When they finally entered the ring Jeff cut a promo praising his old roots. What he calls “Tennessee Wrasslin” part of me wanted to agree with him. The history part of it anyway. Matt comes out kissing hands and shaking babies (wait. . .you know what I mean) His come back said he was here to Kick some A Double S. Look as a Tennessean (and like the paper) spelling isn’t in my forte so if you want to spell it out go ahead. After a brief shoving match/ feeling out process. The Crowd gets in the match by shouting “YOU SUCK” in the rythym of Del Wilkes old WWF Theme “Patriot” I wonder who that was directed towards? Double J answers back by tossing out Hardy, performing the Fargo Strutt, and laying on the ring ropes. I start to wonder is a match going to take place? Jarrett is taking this No Time Limit thing to his advantage. When Matt got back in he got a headlock. Matt though hip tossed Jarrett. He laid insult to injury by performing his own version of the Ric Flair Strut. Double J leaves the ring to confide with Karen. Matt grabs both of them and they proceed to fight outside the ring. I don’t hear a ten count. That’s just weird. They go all over the outside when they get back in. Karen (after a few tries) gets some chairs in the ring. Matt lays out Jarrett but Karen distracts the referee. Jeff then Superplexes Matt onto the chairs conviently set up in the middle of the ring. Jarrett then mounts a tremendous offense. Karen gets in a few licks of her own. Matt though comes back with a sunset flip. Karen attempts to distract the referee. Double J goes for a low blow but is countered by an Enzuguri. Both men are down. The Double count starts as both men punch it out. Matt wins it with a Bulldog but a two count. Side Effect by Matt and another two count. Matt realizes that Double J is almost down and out. He proceeds to drag in Karen and spanks her. I wonder if Reby told him to do that? Jeff though hits a move of his own for a two count. He’s livid though and grabs his Guitar. The Refere grabs it just in time, but EC III runs to the ring. Matt and EC III face each other off which gives Jeff enough time to hit Matt with the guitar not once but twice for good measure. It was just enough for the Pinfall victory and cost Matt Hardy the Wrestlecade Title.

Wow TNA’s Main Event feud carrying over to the Indy Circuit. Talk about making this guy interested in the product when they switch over to POP next year. Also that was a fun show possibly one of the best live shows I’ve ever attended. I’m already making my plans for next year. Special thanks to Heroes & Legends Pro Wrestling Collectibles for putting up with my crappy car on the way to and from the show. Also a huge thanks to Tracy Myers for allowing me a Press Pass and getting around with not a lot of people asking questions about who the handsome sucker in a suit was. Till then this is Halfpint possibly signing off till Next Year . . .wait guys SURPRISE SWERVE. . . .what no reaction? Ok fine, but I’m happy to announce that in the next three weeks you’ll get Three Special Roving Reports from the ROH Tapings that took place in Nashville, TN. I’ll be posting them up as they air on TV due to drinking more than writing at the show me not wanting spoiling the show for you. Have fun and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT WRESTLING

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