HPP: The Jade of the Divas Division

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Editors Note: The longest running joke that I have made since I took over this website is my adoration for Paige. Yes all two of you main readers know how she’s impressed me this year with her tremendous skill, maturity, and fantastic presence. I just thought I would write about her since I’ve not done a show in two weeks. Sorry guys Life is being very interesting with work taking it over for now, in the mean time enjoy this:

On February 23, 2014 WWE NXT Arrival became the first program to be streamed live on the WWE Network. It gave the members of the WWE Universe a chance to see the future of WWE. It also was  the first time I saw the then NXT Women’s Champion Paige in action. I had heard nothing but fantastic things about her. When I watched some of her promos on previous NXTs and saw what she stood for, I was hooked. She wasn’t the normal Diva. Thank God to be honest I can respect the contributions of Trish Stratus, Lita, and Sunny, but NONE of them compare to what William Regal could best describe as “Hell in Boots”.

To say Wrestling is in her blood is an understatement. The Knight Family is among one of the premier Wrestling Families in the world. Myself writing about them would not do proper justice. A few years ago there was an excellent documentary done on them at the time Paige was being signed by WWE. Its up on youtube and is very enjoyable.


The biggest thing I take away from that documentary (after of course hearing the story of the Knight Family) is that Paige doesn’t want to be an actress, isn’t a model, some failed athlete, or some chick they found on bikini.com (yes WWE uses that site to “Scout Talent”) She is a WRESTLER and wants to be known for her Wrestling abilities. Two quotes come to mind.

“ I wanna be for Wrestling as well thats the whole point of me coming here

—I’m the only one who doesn’t have plastic Surgery the only one who doesn’t tan. I’m the Hot Mess of the Company. “

The Raven Haired Anti-Diva was known to only fans of NXT and British Wrestling until April 7th, 2014. When she made her US Network/ World Television debut on Raw defeating Aj for the WWE Divas Championship. It was in New Orleans the night after Wrestlemania with the hottest crowd of the year. It not only marked the highest point in her career but proved that WWE is ready for a change in the Divas Division. She ushers in a new wave of Female Wrestlers who have to do more than just look good in a calendar or a DVD. They have to prove that they can kick ass, take names, and have no excuses. Despite only being on the “Main Roster” for nearly seven months. She has proven herself to be one of the best rising stars (of ANY gender) in recent memory.

On a more personal note as I said on the show on the second week of May. When my Father died I was completely out of it to say the least. When I finally got home, sat down, and turned on the TV the first thing I saw was an excerpt from Paige’s interview with Michael Cole afterwards she wrestled and won defiantly (ok I’ll admit I forgot who it was against maybe Alicia Fox but not sure) I’ll never forget it was the first time I smiled all day. Hence that week why I titled the show: Thank you Paige. The Current Divas Champion is going to be in Nashville for WWE’s Night of Champions. It will be one of the highlights of the year for me to see her live in person.

A Jade Stone was used in the British Isles back in primitive days. Its toughness, ability to sharpen, and polish made it a great stone for axe heads and knives. Its only fitting that the (arguably) best Female Wrestler to come out of the UK has those same fundamentals to become the Jade of the Divas Division.

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