Halfpints Point: My State of Pro Wrestling Address


On June 12, 2012 Global Force Wrestling will host its first show in Jackson, TN. I’m proud to state that I WILL be attending this landmark show that kicks off their summer Grandslam Minor League Baseball Park Tour. These shows will be leading up to their first television taping coming up July 24 in Las Vegas, NV. Doing so GFW will be joining the ever growing TV market that is pro wrestling. Its interesting to note that two years ago there were only three companies with national television deals. In less than twenty months that market has grown to five with GFW being a potential sixth. I thought it would be fun to go over all of those companies and see if and what GFW has to offer.

WWE: Lets start out with the top dog, the head honcho, the cream of the crop. WWE is still #1 and in other news Kelly Kelly has no talent and Nikki Bella is best known for her pair. . . of brown eyes. While WWE will always consider itself Sports Entertainment they still have that middle W in their name….for now. Wrestlemania 31 turned out to be one of the most memorable Manias in recent history. It came at a price though. For the second consecutive time the main event finish was changed due to fan interaction. WWE for the last 4 years has been heavily criticized for NOT listening to the fans. Case in Point: Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and that Punk From Chicago. Good promoters never have that issue. Its kind of obvious that whoever’s running creative is NOT a good promoter of “professional wrestling”.

TNA: You know I thought WCW made some dumb decisions. How has TNA topped them? Let me count the ways…

1. They signed a deal with Destination America and are now only available to 40 million homes in the US and they are NOT placing episodes of Impact anywhere on the internet for fans to see. Chad and I were talking recently on the Team PWA Chat Line and he said this… which should say enough:

If a tree falls in the forest but nobody is there to see it, does it make a sound? If Eric Young delivers a vicious piledriver to Kurt Angle but nobody is watching, does it make a difference?

2. DA gave TNA not only a home for their flagship show Impact Wrestling, but also 4 additional shows to make them the centerpiece of their network. Recently they moved Impact to Wednesdays after they had been on Fridays pretty much without warning. DA has been showing signs of buyer’s remorse as the relationship with Total Nonstop Action has deteriorated quickly. Less than 5 months after their partnership formed, the network has canceled all but IMPACT, THEN signed their competition, Ring of Honor, to a weekly television deal beginning next Wednesday as the lead in for Impact. Wait, what? Impact isn’t being renewed in the fall either? Oh boy….

3. If you think that’s hilarious, TNA’s reaction is even dumber going so far to threaten to sue EVERY wrestling news site for quite simply doing their job. Dixie, for purposes of The PWA Show lawsuit the name you’re looking for is spelled: C-H-A-D F-L-A-T-T. What’s even more disappointing is the way Dixie and her team have elected to handle the situation as far as communicating with their talent roster. Basically, they haven’t! No official denials have come from either the network or TNA. Silence speaks volumes in this case.

ROH: Ring Of Honor is still around despite being owned by the penny pinching misers at Sinclair Broadcasting. Before you ask what’s wrong with a major TV company owning a wrestling company, remember exactly what happened to WCW. As noted above they recently signed an agreement to broadcast their shows on Destination America (along with TNA on Wednesday nights). Now from what I’ve read these are the SAME shows that will be broadcast on the Sinclair syndicated networks. This could be an upgrade. This could be a downgrade. Who knows? Hopefully it will push ROH to upgrade their production value to turn out a better looking TV product. What happens between the ropes has never been an issue there. The major issue I still have with ROH is, why the hell did they run off Jimmy Cornette? All I know is I now have no excuse to miss out on ROH programming.

Lucha Underground: Should be better called “Wrestling for Males 18-35”. Hot women, masked wreslers, unbelievable feats of athleticism, and compelling storylines. Its got it all if you’re a dude. Their cinematic like backstage vignettes are very revolutionary I think. The only problem is in less than 10 months they’ve spent 26 million dollars. With no house shows (at the moment) how are they making their money back? They do have merchandise but that can only make so much. Other revenue streams will need to be developed for them to remain viable long-term.

New Japan Pro Wrestling: NJPW is the best wrestling in the world today. Their Wrestle Kingdom 9 show in Tokyo this past January proved that they can dominate an American market should they so choose. The only issue I’ve had with NJPW is that they were on hiatus during festival season on Axs TV. Their new affiliation with GFW could be groundbreaking bringing even more Japanese wrestling to the US. PLEASE BRING US MORE NAKUMURA!!!!

NWA/Independents: Yes while the NWA has not had a full-on national television deal since the 90s, these guys have been the bread and butter of pro wrestling in local markets. This is also another source for GFW to acquire talent for their television shows. It should be interesting to note that NWA Smoky Mountain stars will be part of their second show outside of Knoxville on June 13. This could potentially lead to the SECOND company that Jeff Jarrett has started up using the NWA as its backbone. Need I remind you all that the year is 2015 and their World Heavyweight Champion is a member of NJPW? Just thought I’d point that out. The independent wrestling scene is red hot and loaded with talent and to steal a line from Vinny Mac’s son-in-law, that’s what’s best for business!

Global Force Wrestling is starting out with some interesting competition at a very interesting time in professional wrestling. Competition has historically brought out the BEST wrestling both on television and at live shows. Don’t believe me? Look back 20 years when there was more than one true top dog in the industry. Fans have been begging for excellent quality wrestling from MORE than one company for a long while now. This year they’re getting that and possibly a whole lot more.

Until next week, I’m Halfpint and that’s my point.

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