Glam Slam: NXT (4-29-15) & WWE Smackdown (4-30-15)


Hi guys! Welcome to this week’s edition of The Glam Slam! Let’s check out all the action from NXT and WWE Smackdown from last week!

NXT (4/29/15)

Kevin Owens comes down and gets a handful of boos. Out comes William Regal, who tells Kevin he doesn’t get to use NXT as a platform to further his own agenda. Owens says he didn’t call out Mr. Regal so he doesn’t really care what he has to say. Eventually Sami Zayn comes out, but Regal stops him and says tonight won’t turn into a circus like last week. He says this is the easiest decision he’s ever had to make, and books Kevin Owens –vs- Sami Zayn for the NXT Championship at NXT Takeover on May 20th. Owens has a problem with it being a title match. Zayn gets on the mic and says everything Kevin has done throughout his career, and anything he ever will do has an asterisk next to it with the name “Sami Zayn” on it.

Backstage Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Carmella are arguing. Carmella says she can take care of herself and tells them to hit the bricks. Blake and Murphy show up and hit on her, but Carmella tells them to leave. Alexa Bliss walks up and makes fun of her, calling her a princess with no class. Carmella smacks her in the face and walks away as the tag champs comfort Alexa. I don’t understand the point of this at all, perhaps a set-up for a feud with Bliss and Carmella? Really? Who Cares? NEXT…

A segment is shown where Sami Zayn is backstage signing a contract with William Regal. Alex Riley walks up and demands another shot at Kevin Owens. Zayn tells him if he’s looking for a match, he needs a good warm up for Kevin Owens.

Bid Cass & Enzo Amore defeated Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy. The crowd does Enzo’s entire promo with him on the way to the ring. I really love these two. They know how to get the crowd hyped and excited for the match! They are so over it is ridiculous! This is a non-title match. They work over Blake and Murphy in a decent back and forth match, but ultimately Cass and Enzo pull through and win!

Dana Brooke defeated Bayley. Dana’s got some heat from the crowd. I can’t determine if it’s legit heat or because she just isn’t good right now. Bayley controls the match for about 3 minutes until she runs into the corner and Dana gets a handful of hair. After that it’s all down hill for Bayley. Bayley’s music starts to play and Emma comes out wearing Bayley’s gear, which distracts her. Dana takes advantage with a fireman’s carry driver for the win. She high-fives Emma on the way out.

William Regal announces that the contracts are all signed for NXT Takeover on May 20th. There will be a #1 contender’s triple threat match between Hideo Itami, Tyler Breeze and Finn Balor.

Hideo Itami defeated Adam Rose. Crowd starts the match with a huge “HI-DE-O” chant. Rose does summersaults around the ring, which was annoying. Itami apparently thought so too and decides to chop the hell out of him. After a decent back and forth the crowd is fairly into the match and they begin chanting for a GTS. Hideo goes for a dropkick instead; a single let dropkick ends this match!

Becky Lynch –vs- Sarah Dobson. It was nice to see “Crazy” Mary Dobson on NXT this week. She is pretty popular on the indy scene! I was surprised by the crowd reaction she got. Proof that indy wrestling matters! She tries to steal the match right out of the gate but Lynch hits her with a dropkick and the trio of running leg drops. It’s all Lynch from this point on, and she picks up the win pretty quickly after with a modified Fujiwara armbar.

Ryno is backstage. He says that Baron Corbin gets off on killing people’s dreams, but he still has a thing or two to learn. He says Ryno is not just the past, but also the present and the future. Personally, I don’t see the point of Ryno being in NXT anymore. It’s always the same thing, he squashes some random jobber and does nothing to elevate up and coming talent.

Sami Zayn defeated Alex Riley (Via DQ). Kevin Owens is on commentary for this one. The competitors lock up with Riley hitting a nice dropkick to take control. He goes to a hammerlock and works it briefly until hitting a spinning neckbreaker for two. Owens: “that’s closer to winning than I thought Riley would get – good for him.” They go back into rest holds until Zayn fires off with a corkscrew leg lariat. He floats over a German suplex and they do a bit of counter-grappling until Riley hits a nice fireman’s carry cutter for a near fall. Owens: “Aren’t you guys paid to call matches, and describe the action? All you’re doing is asking me questions. Why don’t you do your job? What just happened? Tell the people.” Brennan: “Sami Zayn pulling down the top rope…” Owens: “There you go.” As this exchange is happening, Sami Zayn clears the ropes and takes out Riley on the floor. Kevin Owens throws off his headset and attacks Zayn from behind, forcing a DQ finish. Owens lays out Zayn and picks up Alex Riley, power bombing him into the ring apron. He holds the NXT Championship over his former best friend and laughs. Owens is a great heel. End of story.

WWE Smackdown (4/30/15)

The show kicks off with Seth Rollins in Kane’s office, daring him to do something to prove he’s still relevant.

Roman Reigns is here and says he’s bringing a fight to Randy Orton and Seth Rollins. Kane comes out to the ring and gets undressed as he walks to the ring. Not in a seductive manner, he just wrestles in his clothes.

Roman Reigns defeated Kane (Via count out). This is a match I could have done without. Someone tell Kane to stop wrestling in his church clothes please! Typical Reigns match, goes for the superman punch, gets choke slammed for a 2 count, Kane teases a Tombstone, but Reigns counters with a DDT. You guessed it sets up for the superman punch/spear, but Kane leaves. At this point Kane is over this match. Have I mentioned lately I am not a Roman Reigns fan?

Rollins is backstage and says he never runs from a fight like Kane just did. He says he doesn’t need help at Payback, even from J&J Security. Sure we will see about that Seth!

Damien Sandow defeated Curtis Axel. Sandow is imitating the ring announcer, why? I will give him credit, his introduction of Axel was pretty funny! Short match nothing more than what you would expect. Sandow wins with the full nelson slam.

A backstage segment is shown where Ryback says he doesn’t know why Bray Wyatt attacked him, but he has a message of his own, “feed me more.” What in the blue hell are they doing with either of these guys? I don’t like Ryback and I am hard pressed to find anyone that does. He has the look Vince loves but that’s about the extent of Ryback’s talents. I digress…

Ryback Defeated Luke Harper. Typical Ryback match: Power slam, spine buster, Meat Hook, Shellshock. Wyatt’s static hits and he’s in the ring. He hits Sister Abigail on Ryback and stares over at Luke Harper. So is this a set up for Ryback/Wyatt or Harper/Wyatt?

WWE Tag Team Championship: New Day (c) (w/ Xavier Woods) –vs- Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya). This was a pretty entertaining match as both teams are solid. The action gets fast and furious, as both teams get near falls before Kidd hits a suicide flip on Kofi. Cesaro and Kidd land the Cesaro Swing Kick, but Xavier runs in for the DQ. Excellent match up until the DQ. This feud will continue and I’m o.k. with that.

Nikki Bella –vs- Cameron. An on-set promo of Naomi trashing the Bellas was shown. I am a huge fan of Naomi and I love her heel turn. We will see where this takes her moving forward! I am hoping she gets to wear the Divas title soon! This was not the best match, Cameron tried but of course she was put in the Rack Attack and lost!

The Prime Time Players cut another promo trashing The New Day. They introduce the “New Day be gone box”. Say what you want about The Prime Time Players, I think they are hilarious and they are also great in ring workers. I would like to see them take the titles away from New Day, but let‘s be honest I would like to see anyone take the titles away from New Day!

Rollins is backstage and asks Ambrose to cancel their match because Kane just wants to humiliate Rollins. Ambrose says that sounds good, the humiliation part at least.

Seth Rollins (w/ J&J Security) defeats Dean Ambrose. Another solid back and forth match between these two. They always work well with each other. A Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose feud is something I have been wanting for a very long time now. I also would like to see Ambrose turn heel soon and maybe even work with Rollins but one step at a time! The Authority beat down Ambrose after the match, and Reigns makes the save. Spear to Kane leaves Ambrose and Reigns standing tall!

That will do it for this week’s Glam Slam. I hope you enjoyed it and that you will join me again next week. Until then you can follow me on Twitter @GlamSlamSteph and don’t forget to check out our weekly podcast!

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