Glam Slam: NXT (4-15-15) & WWE Smackdown (4-16-15)


Hi guys! Welcome to this week’s edition of The Glam Slam! I’m not going to lie; I struggled to get to get through this. Not exactly a banner week for NXT or Smackdown but because I love you all so much, here we go…..

NXT: (4/15/15)

Enzo Amore & Collin Cassidy Defeated Sawyer Fulton & Angelo Dawkins. As always these guys brought the energy and fun to NXT. Although not a very good match there’s no better way to kick off NXT than with these guys!

Sami Zayn Defeated Ryno. This is the first time Zayn has competed in several months and with no signs of ring rust to boot! This was a very competitive match with both men pulling no punches, but in the end Zayn got the victory and we got no gore from Ryno!

Dana Brooke Defeated Blue Pants. After weeks of promo packages finally Dana Brooke debuted! I wish I had more positive things to say about her but as of right now that is not the case. Brooke is a fitness model, not a wrestler. The match reflected that. She appeared nervous and very stiff. The crowd did not take to her at all and they cheered for blue pants, but maybe that was to be expected. However, we often forget that NXT is developmental so there’s always room for improvement.

Solomon Crowe Defeated CJ Parker. This would be one of two matches of CJ Parker’s before he departed the company. Sadly, as one superstar’s career came to an end another’s is just beginning. There will be plenty of other competitors for Solomon Crowe to face off against!

Baron Corbin Defeated Steve Culter. This was a squash match. I am not even sure it was a minute. It was a typical jobber match. Creative needs to come up with something else for Corbin to do other than squashing random jobbers match after match. It’s tiring!


Smackdown: (4/16/15)

Bray Wyatt Defeated R- Truth. This was a short match and Truth didn’t stand a chance. I don’t know what they are doing with Wyatt right now. His momentum coming out of WrestleMania is almost completely gone.

Bad News Barrett Defeated The Miz. The Miz comes out and begins talking about Sandow and how he doesn’t appreciate him and mocks Summer Rae, both of which were very funny! The Miz makes his way to the ring and takes his time removing his glasses while trying to get a crowd reaction. Wade hits him with the bull hammer and it’s over! After the match Mizdow and Summer Rae are backstage and The Miz confronts them both, he says he is tired of Mizdow stealing his gimmick and he wants it back. The Miz also tells Summer Rae that she can go back to the lingerie football league and put her helmet back on because “ it would be an improvement”. I literally laughed out loud when he said that. I know most of us have probably thought the same thing at one point. Summer Rae slaps him and Mizdow mimes him which makes him even more furious, a match is set for RAW with the winner getting to keep the Miz gimmick.

Neville Defeated Sheamus (by DQ). Sheamus picks up Neville and slammed him through the commentary table causing a DQ. I am still not feeling Sheamus’ new look or persona, but I guess it’s better than his previous stale character, although not by much. Since his heel turn he has done nothing but berate the “little guys” and bully them. What? A true heel tactic? I expect something more from a heel than “ I am big, you are small so I am better”.

The New Day Defeated The Lost Matadores. Honestly I didn’t pay a lot of attention to this match. I tend to zone out when either of these tag teams are on my TV. Then again who doesn’t?

Natalya -vs- Cameron –vs-Alicia Fox. Winner Natalya! Actually this was a pretty decent Divas match all things considered. I am still not a fan of Cameron. I also do not think she has improved all that much but given the limited choices in the Divas division they had to use someone, but why not Emma?

Fandango Defeated Adam Rose. Finally Fandango is back to his old gimmick! He is over again! Whoever was responsible for trying to change him, *cough”* Vince, you failed! What is wrong with giving people what they want for once? Fandango was shown backstage before his match talking to Rosa Mendes saying that it was time for them to come to an end and he wished her well. Best decision ever! I like Fandango and I have from the start. I actually like the over the top goofy ballroom dancer gimmick. It reminds me of his Johnny Curtis character, which I miss greatly! I just hope that people actually like Fandango as a character and not just enjoy his catchy theme music!

Daniel Bryan & John Cena Defeated Tyson Kidd & Cesaro. Typical good guys –vs- bad guys scenario. A pretty solid match but nothing out of the ordinary. Sad that they have decided to job out the tag team champions. I thought we were emphasizing the secondary titles now?

That will do it for me this week, join me again next week for another edition of The Glam Slam! You can find me on Twitter @GlamSlamSteph.

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