Episode 180 – A New Era


This episode starts off with all three guys: Korey, Dave, and Intern: Halfpint talking about the new direction of the show.  Things start off with fast when Dave plays part of an interview that Halfpint had with Adult Entertainment Radio.    How did the intern do?  You can listen and find out as well.

The podcast now has t-shirst available, all for under $20.  Right now there are three different designs, with more going to be popping up in the future. All can be found at http://thepwashow.poweredbygorillapress.com  Much thanks to Kevin of TWFS for helping us make that happen.

Dave and Halfpint then attended the first official Nashville Pro Wrestling Show.  They talk about their experience, which includes meeting Wrestlers, hanging out backstage, and not recognizing Big names.   This opens up a discussion about Wrestling today and how it’s changed over the last few decades.  Is it better?  Worse?

Halfpint interviewed some Wrestlers at the event but left out a very important one. Along the way Halfpint even got to break down the Wrestling Ring, along with the new intern – Kevin aka BigK615.

Discussion then about changing the ‘format’ of the show and making it a Wrestling themed podcast.  All three guys agree and announce it to the world, the dawn of a new Era!

Dave then makes some phone calls trying to find a Wrestling Ring and Championship Belts and ends up talking to a former wrestler in Nashville who went by the name of ‘Rage’.

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