Episode 177 – Referee Grahm Long


In this episode, The P.W.A. Show interviews Nashville Pro Wrestling Referee Grahm Long.  The podcast has had a lot of Wrestlers on in the past but this is the first Referee to join the show.

Graham Long talks about being a ref. Is it expendable?, The tough training, lack of respect, Being “the Third Man in the ring”, about professionalism of being a referee.  He talks about breaking in the business, locker room etiquette, training, learning on the job, being thrown out to the wolves, He’s worked since 2011 for NWA Chattanooga, Empire Pro Wrestling, SAW, and Nashville Pro Wrestling. He also discusses taking bumps, is he scared of Josephus Brody? and Funny stories about being in the business.

He relives his first match, which was not exactly the best match ever, talks about other referees in the business, and Dave explains his  distaste for Rudy Charles.   Grahm is open and honest about his profession and makes for an informative interview.

Come see Grahm at Nashville Pro’s Wrestling Event on May 24th at the Old Hickory Community Center.  Details on ticket prices, time, and location can be found at nashvilleprowrestling.com      We hope to see you there!

Follow Grahm on Twitter: @grahmlong

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