Episode 174 – Christian Rose


In this episode, Christian Rose, Wrestler of Nashville Pro Wrestling  joined us.  The interview starts off with talk about his awesome tweets and how he started out disliking Social Media. He also hates people who censor themselves and is a bit of a Night owl.

That leads into His “heat” with our intern Halfpint, when he stomped on his picture of Michelle Beadle at Sportsfest. Would he apologize for stomping on his Michelle Beadle autograph?¬† After that he Talks about his individuality and how that’s a plus.

During his Nashville Pro Wrestling Match at Sportsfest, he made a quick radio show appearance. He also talks about his Unique nipple piercings, his Upbringings, favorite matches, (John Morrison and Matt Hardy). Christian Rose Vs Sourdough. The remaing topics include: Workout Routine, His favorite wrestler growing up, phasing in and out of Wrestling, his finisher, How important respect is in the lockeroom, and his attempt at the 450 splash.

Christian Rose wrestling for Nashville Pro Wrestling

Christian Rose wrestling for Nashville Pro Wrestling

You can see Christian May 24th at the Nashville Pro Wrestling Event, which will be held at the Old Hickory Community Center in Nashville. Visit nashvilleprowrestling.com for more details.

Follow Christian on Twitter: @BitterLunatic

Check out Christian Rose vs Sourdough:


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