Episode 173 – Matt Cage


In this episode Korey, Dave, and Halfpint talk to Wrestler, Matt Cage.  The three became aware of Matt Cage at the Nashville Pro Wrestling event in January.   The black wrestler has the twitter name: proudcaucasian, which lets you know he’s an interesting character already.

The show starts off with Korey asking Matt if he’s aware of an Elvis Impersonator with the same name as him.  Then Dave wants to know if Matt Cage had given the Chicken and Waffle Chips a second chance, after the two talked about the chips when they first met.  The guys get into Matt’s background into Wrestling, how he got into it and how he has developed his style over time.

Halfpint then lets the world know that he’s not a fan of Buff Bagwell after Matt talks about Matt being his next opponent.  Matt also shares a story where a promoter wanted him to act ‘black’, which led into the “Obamanation” stable battling against “The Man” tag team.  Find out about Matt’s tag team: The Kentucky Buffet and how a young Matt Cage got into a show and helped fuel his wrestling passion.

Matt will be at the Nashville Pro Wrestling Event at May 24th 2013 at the Old Hickory Community Center (1050 Donelson Avenue).  Tickets range from $12 to $8 and this event will feature the debut of the Flightweight Division, a cruiserweight Dvision, a cruiserweight style class designed to feature some of the world’s most exciting high flying and athletic wrestling event. 

Visit nashvilleprowrestling.com for more info and tons of great wrestling content.

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