Episode 115 – The Introduction of Koradamus / 8mm Interview

8mm Band

Juliette and Sean of 8mm

The show starts off with a Podcast throwdown against Beards and Bullshit. Dave had put together a track showing who the true #VerbalBullies are in the podcast game.

This leads into talk about Dave and Korey’s new policy about not discussing politics on Facebook anymore in light of the recent Chick-Fil-A situation.

A new character is introduced into the P.W.A. World, Koradamus. Koradamus makes predictions about Crossfire Wrestling and the success of 8mm, the band.

Dave and Korey chat with 8mm about their new Kickstarter project. The band is trying to raise $30,000 to tour across the United States.  They also discuss their amazing new album, gaps in teeth, and sleeping at Korey’s house in the process.

So please support the band at Kickstarter!!



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