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The PWA Show: Livin’ the Dream…..

Izzy Sik

Independent wrestling week here at The PWA Show concludes with Episode 33 of our show. Chad & Keila cover yet another light news week by reviewing WWE Monday Night RAW. They also discuss the firing of an NXT Diva for questionable Instagram photos, the events surrounding a shooting at the WWE Performance Center, and the legal troubles ahead for a WWE Hall of Famer and another current TNA star. The state of independent wrestling is discussed at length as the duo examine the evolving tastes of wrestling fans and how generational differences have led us to a very different pro wrestling product. Chad is joined on “The PWA Hotseat” by Tennessee based independent wrestler, Adam McCormick AKA Izzy Sik. Adam gives fans a look into the life of an independent wrestler. It’s not all glitz and glamour as he tells stories of injuries and struggles he had endured just to live his dream. This is an interesting look at what it takes to live the indy lifestyle and how it affects those around you. We hope you enjoy this edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: On The Right Path…..


Producer’s note: Hey guys sorry for the late post time Halfpint was really excited for Nakamura Okada so he stayed up to watch Nakamura take his RIGHTFUL place in the finals of the G1 Tournament. After much begging and calling he FINALLY got up and worked on the show. He’ll give a round up next week as the finals of the tournament take place this weekend. 


The PWA Show: Making Headlines…..


Episode 18 has arrived! Chad & Keila cover all the news from the professional wrestling universe including: thoughts from WWE RAW, a big Payback Pay-Per-View preview, huge Elimination Chamber news, more WWE injury news, TNA woes, ROH and NJPW commanding the eyes of the wrestling world this week, and the continued development of Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling. This week on “The PWA Hotseat” Chad is joined by “The Headliner” Chris Michaels. He takes listeners through his twenty plus year career from his beginnings in Franklin, KY to his days in OVW and TNA. Chris also talks about staying busy at this stage of his career and how much he enjoys working in Puerto Rico. You don’t want to miss this exclusive interview with one of the best professional wrestlers out there today. You’ll get all this and much more this week on The PWA show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

The PWA Show: From Bakewell to Tokyo…..


Chad and Keila return for Episode 17 this week filled with venom! The duo examines all the pro wrestling related news of the past 7 days including: Global Force Wrestling’s initial roster reveal and why the most important press conference in the young company’s history wasn’t streamed live, thoughts on this past Monday’s RAW, injuries to two top NXT talents, tons of other odd news tidbits from WWE, continuing challenges in the relationship between Destination America and TNA wrestling, plus Keila gives her very candid thoughts on ESPN broadcaster Michelle Beadle publicly turning in her WWE Fan Card in protest of Triple H’s support of boxer Floyd Mayweather. “The PWA Hotseat” is occupied this week by one of the hottest stars in the National Wrestling Alliance, NWA National & North American Heavyweight Champion, “Godzilla” Jax Dane. Jax takes listeners on a journey throughout his career from his humble beginnings in the rural Tennessee farm town of Bakewell, to his early tag team success with current ROH superstar Raymond Rowe, his partnership with “Ironman” Rob Conway, what its like touring Japan, making history recently by unifying two of the NWA’s most prestigious titles, and his future goal of becoming the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. This interview is a great look at one of the fastest rising stars in the sport of professional wrestling. So sit back and enjoy this edition of The PWA Show, YOUR pro wrestling authority!

Halfpint’s Road Report: Big Time Wrestling 2/20 Bristol, TN


Big Time Wrestling made their Volunteer State debut this past Friday night in Bristol, TN/VA/TN/VA . . . it was weird being between two states. Kind of like being between two ladies . . . except its nothing like that at all. Anyway, after a 3 hour drive through some interesting sights, two time zones, and even more interesting road conditions,  it was time for Big Time Wrestling!

The PWA Name Game: Scott Hudson on The Monday Night War and Attitude Era


Former WCW Monday Nitro announcer, Scott Hudson, gives his opinions on all the major players that comprised the cast of characters during the 1990s Monday Night War in professional wrestling. Scott talks both WCW and WWF personalities that were right in the thick of the battle such as: Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Vince McMahon, Jim Ross, The Rock, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, and more! Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind word association segment with a man who was right in the center of it all!

The PWA Name Game: Jim Cornette on Memphis Wrestling

Jim Cornette

Legendary manager and creative mind, Jim Cornette, gives his thoughts on some of the central figures of the 1970s and 1980s era of Memphis Wrestling. Hear what “The Louisville Slugger” has to say about Jerry Jarrett, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Tojo Yamamoto, and Lance Russell in this exclusive PWA Show word association segment we call, The Name Game!



Halfpint’s Road Report: NWA Saw 8th Anniversary


Fans from all around Middle Tennessee gathered to celebrate 8 years of the Region’s #1 Independent Promotion NWA: Southern All Star Wrestling!!!  Not only was your PWA Show Roving Reporter, Halfpint, there but as seen on Social Media this past weekend, I got to sit next to three Memphis Legends!!!! I even had the honor of getting a few words from Eddie Marlin himself.

I found out later that it was his first live Wrestling show in 14 years.

Tim Renesto defeated “The McMinnville Monster” Zannigan (accompanied by Brother Brew)

Halfpint’s Exclusive Interviews with NWA SAW Stars

NWA SAW 8th Anniversary

On Saturday January 17, 2015 our roving reporter, “Halfpint” attended the Murfreesboro Anime and Comic Kon (MACK). While at the show he was able to get some exclusive interviews with some of NWA Southern All-Star Wrestling’s biggest stars! Halfpint gets the scoop about SAW’s 8th Anniversary show coming up on Friday February 6 at T.J.’s Sawmill Arena featuring an NWA World Heavyweight Championship match between the reigning champion, “The Ironman” Rob Conway and current NWA Southern Heavyweight Champion, Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews. What does “The Dragon” have in store for “The Ironman” fresh off his appendectomy surgery? What goals does former NWA World Television Champion and former NWA Austrailian Heavyweight Champion, Jeremiah Plunkett, have for himself in 2105? How much tag title gold does Team IOU, Kerry Awful and Nick Iggy, plan to hold by this year’s end? Listen to these exclusive interviews and find out!

Interview with Mike Jablonski / Bulldog Brawl Event


In this special episode, Korey and Dave talk with Wrestler Mike Jablonski. He is on the show to promote an event being held in Centerville,TN called The Bulldog Brawl. The event is a star studded affair featuring Chase Stevens, Jeremiah Plunkett, Tasha Simone, and many many more wrestlers coming together for a good cause. The event is going to raise money for the Centerville Junior Pro Football Squad after having a lot of their equipment damaged in a flood.

Also learn a little bit about the wrestler named Mike Jablonski in the process, including his career and influences along the way.