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Halfpint’s Roving Report: WrestleCade IV


It was Thanksgiving Weekend in Winston-Salem North Carolina. For the Fourth consecutive year Wrestlecade held what is the biggest Indy show AND Wrestling Convention on the East Coast. The PWA Show was on hand and not only got some interviews but for you 15 normal readers out there and several others wanting to relive such a fantastic night here it is my Roving Report.

Halfpint’s Roving Report: All-Star Tribute to Lance Russell


It was Saturday night October 24, 2015. You couldn’t fool me or the fans though. Going into the Oman Arena was like going back in time. At least that’s the reasoning I had in my head for why it was so difficult getting into the building. After getting in and finding out where my seat was, I made my way over to who I think is the greatest announce team in Wrestling History.


Halfpint’s Roving Report: Pro Wrestling South


Kingsport, TN was the site of my latest Roving Report, this time for Pro Wrestling South. It interested me that an independent show ran in east Tennessee WITHOUT Ricky Morton on the card. Honestly I thought that’s why all the Law Enforcement was around. Anyway, the night started early at 7:45 with a Battle Royal. It was stated by the ring announcer that a PWS Roster spot was on the line. It featured eight men who’s names elude me because the ring announcer was kind enough to NOT introduce them. That is until there was a winner. I was told his name was Trace Daniel. Forgive me if I’m wrong. All I know is the winner certainly had the crowd solidly behind him.

Halfpints Roving Report: NWA SAW in Cookeville, TN


For the Second time in Three Months. NWA Southern All Star Wrestling had its TV tapings in Cookeville, TN at the Alley Pub. Free Admission brought the fans in droves. They wanted to see Wrasslin and promptly at 7pm they got it. They were so hyped up they even finished up the National Anthem when Technical Difficulties made it skip a few beats. Hot Rod Biggs got the crowd warmed up as we were started off by Ella De La Vega.

Halfpint’s Roving Report: Tried -N- True Pro Wrestling


Clarksville, Tennessee was the home of Tried -N- True Professional Wrestling’s first ever Live event, All Out Assault, and boy was it a turnout! Lines were wrapped around the building long before the doors opened. Once the door were opened fans barely had time to get inside and get settled before the action began. The bell sounded promptly at 7:30 (or 1930 as GMT Rolls) and Laci Caroline performed our National Anthem. The crowd responded with an ecstatic USA Chant!!! The fans were jam packed and ready to see some wrestling.

Halfpints Point: MY Favorite Indy Wrestling Show


While my friends and compadres here at THE PWA SHOW have been going on with business as usual I haven’t for that I’d like to apologize. I have been suffering from Writer’s block that happens on occasion to me. Sometimes I get so focused on one aspect on my life I forget the others. I’ve been struggling to attempt to speak something about the Indy Circuit this week WITHOUT turning it into a rant and rave towards what I HATE about this business. Instead I want to tell you why I still go to Indy Shows till this day. I’d rather tell you about My Favorite night as a fan of Independent Wrestling. That’s right I’m wanting to talk about something POSITIVE in the Indy Circuit puts us in the minority.

G1 2015: Week 3


Three Weeks are down and less than 2 remain in the G1 Climax Tournament here are the standings




~ Tetsuya Naito
┗  8 POINTS [4 wins, 2 losses]
~ Hiroshi Tanahashi
┗  8 POINTS [4 wins, 2 losses]
~ AJ Styles
┗  8 POINTS [4 wins, 2 losses]
~ Katsuyori Shibata
┗  8 POINTS [4 wins, 2 losses]
~ Bad Luck Fale
┗ 8 POINTS [4 wins, 2 losses]

~ Ibushi
┗ 6 POINTS [3 wins, 3 losses]
~ Togi Makabe
┗ 6 POINTS [3 wins, 3 losses]

NJPW 25th G1 Climax Tournament: Week 2


Editors Note: . . . Its really difficult to carry on business as usual when Heaven has gained another Famous Wrestler.  Roddy Piper could talk them in the building that’s for sure. For most current Wrestling Fans it was Hogan that got their attention, but it was Piper who made them listen. Sure I can talk about his run with Hogan but that would leave out his first World Record 10 Seconds against Larry “The Axe” Henning, His bloody match with Greg Valentine at the first Starcade,  Or Certainly one of my favorites (and definitely a future match I’ll discuss in my Forgotten Match Series) when he faced off against Bret Hart in WM 8. So tonight wherever you are stand tall remove your hat take a shot and hear the bell toll 10 times for the man who has finally ran out of Bubblegum.

Halfpints Point: 25th G1 Climax Week 1


Editors Note: I sent Halfpint several messages today begging him to talk about the Hogan Deal for his Halfpint’s Point but when he finally woke up around 7pm he insisted that he be the only Wrestling Broadcast Journalist to NOT talk about Hollywood Hulk Hogan because in in his words “Who gives a shit when the best damn wrestling in the world is going on? Why would I waste space about some horrible stupid old racist has-been. Seriously the man has been given more chances than Adam Pac-man Jones, Terrell Owens, and Superstar Billy Graham combined, and he still messes it up I’ve got more important things to talk about.” He sent us this instead which we hope you enjoy. 

Halfpints Point: G1 Climax Tournament Week 0


2015 is certainly proving to be a Landmark Year for New Japan Pro Wrestling. Its the hottest thing in the market today. Think I’m wrong Hey the only Wrestling PPV I’ve seen in the past 3 months is Dominion. Enough said in that regard (ROH is coming close though). To top it all off Next week begins the 25th annual G1 Climax Tournament. You know how WWE did a King of the Ring? This one is actually legit. The Winner is presented with a IGWP World Title Shot at the Next Year’s Wrestle Kingdom (better known as that Japanese PPV you bought solely because it was called by JR this year). It lasts July 20 through August 16th. That’s 19 shows for you fans out there. Its reported to be the longest Tournament in history. The G1 Tournament stretches all the way back to 1974 and has been won by Legends like Antonio Inoki, Big Van Vader, Andre the Giant, and Hulk Hogan wait what??? Yes in fact he won in 1983 when it was the International Wrestling Grand Prix. Oh the research I do for you 5 readers. This past year it was won by Kazuchika Okada (RAINMAKER). There’s 15 Japanese Wrestlers and 5 Gaijin involved in Two Blocks