Kashin In: The Four Squad Brawl for All Edition (12-7-2015)


Hello everyone and welcome to another installment of Ka$hin In with Keila Ca$h. Tonight’s episode of Raw emanated from the North Charleston Coliseum in North Charleston, South Carolina. Believe it or not, this is the go-home show for TLC which takes place Sunday from the TD Garden in Boston Massachusetts. WWE hasn’t exactly dazzled us lately from a creative and booking standpoint and one would hope that they had something up their sleeve to shock us for all the right reasons. The League of Nations is not exactly Evolution, but at least they are not The Corre. Yet. In light of this new development, how did Roman Reigns respond to the latest setback in his quest to regain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? The answer to this question can be found throughout this blog. Without further ado, let’s dissect tonight’s episode of Raw in no particular order.

  • It appears we have a case of warring factions featuring The League of Nations, The Wyatt Family, Team ECW, and The Family. Everybody has a beef with each other and the best way to settle the score is by kicking a whole lot of ass. Since TLC takes place on Sunday, we might get a preview tonight involving a sixteen man tag team elimination match involving tables, ladders, and chairs.
  • My theory was almost on the money sans the weapons. The Authority booked a sixteen man tag team elimination fatal four way match. That is a mouthful to digest, but I will explain. Four men start the match at once representing their respective teams. They can make tags throughout. However, if a member from one of the teams is submitted or pinned, the entire crew is eliminated from the match.
  • This was an interesting way to start the show Things picked up exponentially when The Wyatt Family showed up. Bray Wyatt loses brownie points from a credibility standpoint because he is a habitual liar that never keeps his promises. However, he does know how to captivate an audience under the right circumstances. Saving them from hearing Sheamus drone on and on for 10 minute is something we can all say amen to.
  • Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and The Usos took care of business as they eliminated the League of Nations when Reigns nailed Sheamus with a Spear to pick up the win. The match had a few chaotic moments that I enjoyed. The twelve man brawl had everyone hyped for a moment while the brief stare down between Reigns and Rhyno had the crowd buzzing in anticipation. If that match were to happen in the near future, there was no need to give it away tonight in a tag team elimination bout that will become a distant memory come next week. All that aside, I thought each team shined in some way while forwarding a couple of feuds along the way. It wasn’t perfect, but I appreciate the effort by WWE to at least try something different even though there was not a seismic shift on the creative front.
  • The Astrology Hour with Stardust and Titus O’Neil is becoming a guilty pleasure of mine. It’s mindless fun and both men are committed to their roles completely. I can’t knock their hustle.
  • Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler was good, but very methodical in nature. Ziggler sold his shoulder for large portion of the match as Owens shoved him into the ring post midway throughout the bout. There was a lot of down time which prevented things from kicking into second gear after the commercial break. I’ve seen them have stronger television matches against each other, but this was still a good way to fill time even though they didn’t set the word on fire wrestling-wise.
  • The New Day and Team Bad sharing some airtime on Raw was a lot of fun. Their interaction on social media is always a laugh riot and I’m glad that is being translated on television. If WWE doesn’t taint their natural chemistry, this should work. The Super Friends of Professional Wrestling unite!!
  • That was a nice, self-assured promo by Roman Reigns on schooling Sheamus later tonight. He has these moments when he sounds like an actual human being with a pulse. I want to see that side of Reigns more often because I believe he has what it takes to get over as a top star if he is not scripted to sound like an android.
  • A Miz TV segment that did not end in complete disaster. That is miraculous. Charlotte is still riding the fence between being a cocky babyface and shifty heel, but I like the fire she has shown lately. Once again, she doesn’t have to raise her voice ten octaves to get her point across. She just has to speak with confidence and swagger. If Charlotte can pull that aspect of her character together just like her killer wardrobe, she will be just fine. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt if WWE made up their minds on who’s supposed to be a heel or face in this whole Charlotte-Paige feud. These twists and turns are not helping matters. Pick a side and be done with it. For real this time!
  • Ryback just took flight and wiped out Rusev on the floor at ringside. Very impressive.
  • Let’s hope the business relationship between Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter is over for good. They never gelled as a duo and Del Rio is better off on his own without Colter hovering around in his scooter. Colter is a great talker and he is better off managing Jack Swagger anyway.
  • And the fans are chanting “Tater Tots” at Sheamus. How endearing.
  • The ending segment had no business going as long as it did. The back and forth between Sheamus and Reigns was not very good until Reigns threw in the tater tots lined that I rolled my eyes at. Fortunately for him, the crowd ate it up and chanted along. He gained his footing towards the end of his promo by baiting Sheamus to get in the ring to fight him like a man.
  • They brawled for a bit and the crowd was cold at first, but they eventually warmed up to it as they fought amongst the people while utilizing weapons along the way. Reigns coming from behind the announce table to spear Sheamus through one of the wooden tables that was leaning against the ring apron was a pretty sweet visual. The pop was subdued, but WWE got their last selling shot for TLC as Raw went off the air.
  • I am noticing a recurring theme when it comes to Reigns and the go-home show for PPVs in recent months. Whenever he is involved in a high profile feud, things must be end in a brawl in order to engage the crowd in a positive way. If the company does this too often, it will begin to lose its luster like it did tonight. This is simply a cold WWE World Heavyweight Championship feud between two guys that are not completely over with the fans.
  • Sheamus is presented as a joke. Every time he opens his mouth, it’s hard to take him seriously. Reigns has his moments, but they are few and far between to make him standout as a legit main eventer that people can get behind. Therefore, we end up with a confrontation that comes off as lukewarm at best. No amount of window dressing is going to change that. They can have a vicious TLC match on Sunday, but it won’t matter if the crowd and viewing audience don’t care from an emotional standpoint. Will both men rise above the creative bullshit and let their wrestling ability speak for itself on Sunday? We shall see if talent trumps shitty booking soon enough.
  • Overall, I thought this was a subpar episode of Raw. WWE tried to do something different by having a sixteen man tag team elimination match to kick off the show. It was entertaining, but trepidation immediately set in regarding how WWE was going to fill up the other 2 and ½ hours. Some people worked more than once. Matches were dragged out and talking segments took up time. Everything was hit or miss on the creative front. The go-home show for TLC didn’t make me more excited to see the PPV on Sunday. The company is still in a slump and the only way to fix things is to overall haul the format entirely. Take some risks and see what happens. Mind you, every risk won’t work but it’s worth trying nonetheless.
  • Most importantly, WWE needs to be fully committed to making major changes by not half stepping to placate fans for a week or two. Let your performers be themselves. Give them an opportunity to flourish without so many restraints that prevents them from speaking in their own voice. Until that happens, we will continue to pray for January to come to see if the company wakes up from their winter slumber and take care of business come WrestleMania season. However, as history has shown us this year, even that is no longer a guarantee. And that’s a scary thought if we haven’t hit rock bottom yet. Let’s hope for better days ahead, ladies and gentleman.

On that note, this wraps up another edition of Ka$hin In with Keila Ca$h. I hope you enjoyed it and I will be back next week with a brand new blog. I shall leave you with “A Moment with the Golden Girls.” See you later, boys and girls!








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